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Holiday hijinks from the lab

Stealth wrapping of christmas gifts

Not what it looks like…

Well the Christmas presents are open and as usual you are super thrilled with what you got… right? But what is the fun in getting a christmas gift if you aren’t surprised as to what it is? Well here is a low tech solution to convince just about anyone they know what that gift under the tree really is, it works — trust me, I’ve tested it.

Welcome to the fine art of stealth wrapping your christmas gifts! In fact, I had several complaints about the gift above being “too obviously wrapped” that is, until it was open. But where do we start and what is really under that wrapping paper? Well first let me say that the best way to hide a Christmas gift it to wrap it in the shape of something completely different.

My lovely wife wanted a standup mixer; a kitchenaid to be specific. So like a good husband I got her one, but it isn’t the present wrapped like a mixer.

stealth wrapping

Our old mixer, I used it as a reference for my wrapping template.

I should probably add that she was in the opposite room while I was doing this and that it only took 4 hours to wrap all her gifts…

So thanks to the miracle of wrapping paper, I only needed to get the general shape of the mixer to make sure I obscured her gift and any inconsistencies in the way it looked could be chocked up to wrapping paper. Once I bent the cardboard that the gifts were shipped in into the proper form I could tape it all into place and find a way to hide her real gifts in the form.

In this case, since we set a spending limit I got her a few little things that she wanted so she had more than just the kitchenaid to open — spoiler in this case, it was a pink spatula set (she really wanted it, no I’m not that kind of husband). I intentionally wrapped the cheapest “stocking stuffer” type gifts like the most expensive one, mostly because I thought it would be funny.

kitchenaid stand up mixer wrapped

I didn’t really take any photos of the gifts themselves, but here is a shot while I’m wrapping

Usually my wife likes my wrapping job, typically because it looks pretty professional. But this year I thought it would be funny to wrap it a little differently (see: horrible), to add to the fun, I was short wrapping paper so I had to make it last to get at least a few things wrapped before I had to go out and get more. For that reason, I ended up combining wrapping paper designs, which let me say was hilarious how bad of a wrapping job it looked like I had done.

Stealth wrapping at its finest

All wrapped up, bad photo I know, but it looked good enough to make her think it was a stand up mixer

So when I was done I even wrapped up a couple of the pink spatulas and made them look like the mixing attachments. Turns out kitchenaid only has a single mixer to insert, but she still didn’t catch it so it worked accordingly. Here is a slightly better photo from a different angle to get more of the full effect.

poorly wrapped kitchenaid

Another shot of the completed wrapping job, looks nice and awful.

Of course I had a few other gifts to wrap for her as well, namely it is a few books she didn’t know she wanted. You are probably wondering, how do you make a book not look like a book? You do it like this:

Stealth wrapping

Not a dollhouse…

Here is what it looked like prior to the wrapping:

Doll house in progress

In case you are wondering, the books are the roof and the outline for the door on the other side.

As you can see, I reused the kitchenaid box for the bulk of the house shape.

Now wrapping the kitchenaid took a little more thought, it was a very large gift and I wanted to make sure that it was very obviously something else and not like the box the mixer was in. Well after a little thought and a lot of planning I came up with this:

The rocking horse kitchenaid

Well it was a start, it looked better all wrapped up.

It doesn’t look like much, but it was a pretty convincing rocking horse. In fact, when my sister in law came over for Christmas she exclaimed, “Is that a rocking horse?!” I completely ran out of wrapping paper when I got to the end, so I had to use some of my engineering paper to help make up the difference, which did make it even funnier!

stealth wrapping

And here we are all wrapped up, does that look too obvious?

And lastly, or firstly since it was my first gift I wrapped because I made it look so simple:

Stealth wrapping

is it a giant book, nope just some fuzzy socks (she loves fuzzy socks)

definitely not socks

All wrapped up, with different color wrapping paper for emphasis,















Again, not the best shots, but I spent hours designing then wrapping these things. She had no idea that any of her gifts were something other than they looked like and she not so subtly hinted that I could’ve done a better job wrapping. Overall it was a pretty hilarious time watching her unwrap everything. Unfortunately after the first two gifts she caught on to the trick, but it was still worth it.


2 responses

  1. You are an awesome husband. Absolutely hilarious, I bet your wife loved it!


    December 25, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    • Well thank you, she puts up with me and my weirdness, so I have to make sure I let her know I appreciate it. But yes she loved it and didn’t stop laughing, especially with the mixer looking gift.


      December 26, 2015 at 11:48 am

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