We're a little crazy, about science!

What’s in a name?

Lunatic Labs, pretty catchy name, right? Well there’s a story behind the choice.

Talking about mental health is a taboo and frankly I doubt that will change. Words like crazy and lunatic are somewhat derogatory, but I am using them.

The short answer is, I picked the name because I’m crazy. At least that’s what I’ve been called. I’ve had one too many mental health crises and people tend to label you because of it. I know what the hospital floor where they put people like me looks like, because I lived it, repeatedly.

Lunatic Labs was a name I picked when I was still coming out of those incredibly hard, dark, and challenging times.

Maybe I’m being ableist or self deprecating using terms like this so flippantly. If you feel it’s the first, then I am sorry, truely. I do it because I decided a long time ago that I may be crazy, but it means I see the world a little differently. That philosophy has helped keep me stable, thus far anyway…