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Cyberdyne, Google, and the Rise of Drones

terminator hand

Set in a futuristic dystopian world where humans are pitted against advanced robots controlled by an AI, Terminator plays out like the hollywood blockbuster it turned out to be. Set to pit a person’s innate fear of the unknown against the fear of technology itself, it was a big hit.

Any good apocalyptic movie needs to have a grounding in reality before it can take the leap from ordinary to extraordinary, but when events slowly play out, that are eerily similar to the movie, should you be worried?

Today, wars are being fought less by men and women and more by drones, specialized unmanned aircraft designed to perform beyond what humans could ever do. Drones are everywhere, no longer confined to government use, they are now being used by the public, police, and even amazon is, in some cases, offering a drone delivery service.

The military has several defence contracts out on AI technology along with different robotics technologies for combat purposes. Several of those contracts have been purchased by Google in the past year with the acquisition of the robotics firm Boston Dynamics.

It seems that Google is everywhere you turn, with the rise of the verb google, [as in let me google that] it has cemented its place in society, quite firmly I might add. Google seemingly does it all, Gmail, google docs, the ‘cloud’, chromebooks, and android, just to name a few.

Google also has been commanding all it’s resources towards development of an AI, the main goal is to provide people with better google search, better ad marketing, and an overall better quality of life through technology.

So when should we expect a Skynet type AI that will signal the beginning of the end for mankind as we know it?

Probably not anytime soon, after all there is no money to be made from world domination. However, the continuing use of drones raise several new types of privacy and government spying concerns; this is probably just the beginning.

Thanks to recent revelations of government spying through programs like prism, it isn’t just the “stereotypical” paranoid government fearing people that think the government is looking over our shoulder. An AI type intelligence can and will make spying programs like this much more efficient, widespread, and better hidden. After all the fewer people working on the project, the fewer people to leak it to the public.

While I am generally supportive of the government as a whole I think that there are quite a few parts of the government that would use technology like this to their benefit and less to our own. The cold reality is that privacy, true privacy is vanishing.

These words could be read long before I hit the publish button, my credit cards will tell anyone with access where I am, how much I am spending and even what I am eating. With encryption of course, being but a minor annoyance to someone with the right resources, like several government agencies for example, there are very few places where one can ‘hide in the dark’ while accessing the internet. The world as a whole is becoming a more transparent place for the people following the government and less for the people leading.

Maybe machines are closer to taking over the world than we think, maybe that is the secret, maybe they already have.

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  1. I just read the random facts on the net, in the year 2021, lots of sector and industry could be replace by the robot.At least 6% of human will lost job and the trend will start rising year by year after that.Since the drone industry progress and provide wonderful experience to general public used, and I believe for military used the science is often more innovation and store securely in the military facility. I found a video several week ago, a jet fighter release a swarm of drone towards the sky and maybe the drones could possibly be the forces throughout battle or to collect info or intel and locate the enemy. Maybe another 20 years, the AI technology will improve and the chances of drones to get more intelligent could not take as granted.


    January 26, 2017 at 6:37 am

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