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Another Veterans day reminder

Well it’s that time of the year again where I remind people that toxic patriotism and performative patriotism is bad. So don’t do it, seriously. I have a lot of mixed feelings about today. Mostly it’s a time for me to remember friends that aren’t around… I guess? I remember them normally anyway so it feels extra, this isn’t a happy thing and I don’t particularly thing we should “celebrate” in the traditional sense. I appreciate the others may have different opinions on the matter, but for me it comes down to the weaponization of patriotism and that needs to be stopped. Veterans day is less about people and more about politicians. It’s politicians use military as a weapon day.

This will not be a long post, mostly because I’m tired and have about a million other more important things to worry about than a bunch of irrelevant, sentient piles of shit using veterans as an excuse to do really shitty things to people. The GOP takes special effort on days like this to be incredibly shitty to everyone and wield the sword of patriotism to belittle people or score political points, which much like internet points, are worthless.

It’s frustrating because it’s Veterans day, not politicians day, but here I am needing to focus more on the shitty things politicians do today when I would rather focus on just existing in a society that is pretty fucking toxic to begin with. The point, if there ever was one, is that today should just be another day for me. It should possibly also involve comfort food, if we’re feeling generous. Instead I wait for the shitty people doing shitty things day to start.

A good example is the former secretary of the VA suggested that veterans deserve less disability support (payments) and the focus should be getting us “back to work” and “integrated into society.” Which is code for we’re costing people too much (source). Like I said the only good veteran is a dead one. Let me just say this clearly, if it weren’t for the fact that I finally, FINALLY, after over ten years of fighting with the VA got 100% total and permanent disability, I would not be where I am today. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough, barely, for me to have some stability. Then the GOP has the nerve to argue that we don’t deserve the crumbs we’re given then in the same sentence they start complaining about how other politicians aren’t patriotic enough or not “American” enough, whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean.

The bottom line is that I’m tired, like so many of my brothers and sisters of the military. Today should be a day of rest for us, but it’s not. It’s a day for most of us to defend our right to exist and have opinions that aren’t the government approved rhetoric we get force-fed to us.

Like I said short and to the point today. The government doesn’t give a shit about living veterans because the only good veteran is a dead one. Dead veterans are power and people in the government are (mostly) there for one thing, and that’s personal gain and power to destroy people (or groups of people) they don’t like.


6 responses

  1. Well I am glad you are a ‘live’ one and are still here. Now go one with your researching’ self and change the world.

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    November 11, 2021 at 7:57 pm

    • Thank you! I’m trying, turns out it’s harder than you may think lol.

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      November 12, 2021 at 5:03 pm

  2. I’m curious, is there a watchdog organization or a commentator whose perspective on these things you think is sound? Somebody who might do a congressional scorecard, or send e-mail newsletters when legislation is coming through? Since most politicians give veterans lip service, I’m wondering if there’s an easy way for me to tell who is actually advocating useful reforms, and who needs a kick in the rear. Or an easy way to know the right specifics to put in letters. If I sent “Fund the care veterans need” to anybody in government, I suspect I’d get a reply saying “I am already doing that!” and be left to speculate on how much of a lie it was.

    Anyway, I get what you mean. The very word “patriot” has been ruined for me within the past year or two. Not that I dislike the concept it used to refer to, but … if I’m roaming the internet and bump into someone with “patriot” in their username, I start to form certain assumptions about them, and they aren’t good ones.

    Did you say your next conference presentation was going to be tomorrow? Or Saturday? If so, good luck. Knock their socks off.


    November 11, 2021 at 8:44 pm

    • You know, I’m not sure about watchdog organizations. Honestly most veteran groups scare me because they just come off super scammy. Most (VFW or American Legion just to name two) want me to send money to join for example and/or pay dues and I’m like why bother? Wounded warrior project has always been good to me, they offer services and what not for free, their overhead is high though so dentations don’t go as far as you would hope, but then again I don’t think most organizations people donate to do much with the money.

      I agree, the overly proud of military service people always send huge red flags to me. I’m all for being proud that you served, but when you make it that the core of who you are as a person, I get the sense that it’s more of an act and less about pride.

      My talk was today and I’m happy to say it went well! Thank you for the support and well wishes. I saw your comment this morning beforehand, but it’s been a busy day so I couldn’t reply until after the event.

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      November 12, 2021 at 5:14 pm

      • I see; good to know. Just pondering whether there was anything I could do about it all. I’ll keep thinking about it.

        The “hyper-patriots” I had in mind aren’t former servicemembers, necessarily … I was talking about anyone who makes a big show out of adoring the USA. I think I don’t like it because it’s gotten correlated with politics of a certain type, and is used to cast said politics in a positive light. Like you said, it’s been weaponized.

        Glad to hear the talk went well.

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        November 12, 2021 at 6:00 pm

      • Thank you! Sorry I couldn’t be more help with the veterans stuff and thanks for clarifying your point with the patriotism stuff. I don’t know why I assumed service members, maybe just my own bias showing there.

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        November 13, 2021 at 12:52 pm

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