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Is being a human conservationist selfish?


Earth day, it’s a lot like new years. You make resolutions that you will never follow, promise yourself you will attempt to do things you really don’t want to, and try to do without that thing you know you can live without, but can’t seem to do it.

Yesterday was Earth day, so happy belated earth day, I guess… So how about the state of the planet then? It’s the only one we have, it is the place we call home, and unless you want to deal with chest bursting aliens [hey, I’ve seen the movies] then we are stuck here.

Yet we humans can’t seem to get our act together. We do love our oil though and hey why not, I like driving around as much as the next person. But there is that old saying, don’t shit where you eat [a little crass but it works] and we ignore the [forgive me] crap out of it.

Oh and my favorite part, not only are we screwing up the planet [very quickly mind you], there are people actively trying to convince us that climate change isn’t a real thing. Of course now we call it climate change because the second it snows somewhere people shout that global warming is not real.

On one end you have these grassroots movements with growing food locally, lowering your carbon footprint and using less while getting more. You have other wildlife groups trying to save the [insert favorite animal cause here] and people shouting at the top of there lungs that we are killing nature.

At the other end of the spectrum you have people with their heads so far in their… sand, that they deny that there is a problem and what the heck let’s waste more because we have so many options for places to call home.

The grassroots efforts will fail, they lack the money it takes to swing the political hammer needed to make the changes needed to have an effect. It’s a fact of life, money makes the world go around and those with the most money have the most say.

Don’t believe me? Well how many green technologies are being used right now? I could list a handful that would save the planet, but aren’t being used. Real, concrete, technologies that we have available to us now, not some pipe dream like hydrogen cars [which are doomed to fail before they ever start.. obviously].

Of course the other end will fail as well, not from a lack of money or even political swing, but because it doesn’t matter how much you believe a train isn’t derailing, it’s not going to save you from the cold deadly truth. So they can keep doing what they are doing, but when we are all dead, does it really matter?

People lose sight of the reality of things though. You have people trying to conserve nature and protect the animals, when we are the ones who should be conserved.

Nature will always find a way to make it, there was life here well before we temperamental humans set foot on the planet. And life will be here well after we are gone and made the world uninhabitable… for us.

So maybe being a human conservationist is a little selfish, but when you think about it, I want humans in an environment that is optimal, like any nature or animal conservationist. It’s selfish and short sighted of us to think that just because the world might be uninhabitable for us that it will be uninhabitable for life. Even if we decided the whole M.A.D. [Mutually Assured Destruction] thing is a good idea and we had a nuclear winter, nature would be just fine.

We aren’t killing nature, just ourselves. Don’t save the planet for that cute dolphin or the panda’s, save the planet for yourself and your families.

Oh, if you are some big political figure or millionaire and decide that money doesn’t matter, feel free to drop me a line and we can talk about that whole saving the world thing.

[A Loony Disclaimer: yes, if we keep doing what we are doing we will kill a whole lot of animals. But as humans we have the mindset that if we are going down, a whole lot of things better go with us. Call me selfish, I want to save everything, humans and all]


But enough about us, what about you?

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