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A Lunatic Laboratories project “semi” reveal

the big unveil

This isn’t a science blog.

Okay, this isn’t just a science blog.

In the just shy of a year that the official Lunatic Laboratories website was set up we have yet to give you, the readers, an update. Some of you are following for the science, some for the conversation (which I must say is top notch thanks to all of you who take the time to leave us here a note), and some of you — we are not sure how many — are here specifically for new, exciting, and innovative… well inventions.

This is specifically for the last group.

We’ve been in the designing things for a few years now, but last year — about the time we started this blog — we pulled the trigger and called a patent lawyer on a particular invention. 50-some-odd pages of patent application later and we are, now as of last Tuesday, patent pending. While there are many other projects that are going into the patent (or at the very least the should we patent) process, this was a big deal for the Labs and here is why.

Most of our products are for the disabled, we are working on prosthetics, robotics, and rehabilitation development primarily. However, once a week we throw around ideas — ideas about anything, no matter how off the wall — and this is one of those ideas. It was not just for individuals who are disabled, this is for almost everyone. We are talking life saving technology that will (hopefully) change the we do things at a fundamental level.

Big words, but what is it?

Well we aren’t ready to show it off… yet. I’m not much for writing (despite almost solely running the blog myself), but I like the semi-anonymity that I have. That said, we want to do a video and when I say we, I should say it was the overwhelming majority, I prefer this. However, to be fair, we are doing a video — let it never be said I am a bad boss.

So I’m sorry for teasing everyone, but I want to thank all of our followers, again the regular commenters who have — on several occasions — made my day thanks to thoughtful and insightful questions or opinions. And to the silent lurkers who are just waiting to see something, just a little crazy.

As promised, you, our readers are getting the first word on all of this. The video will probably be a few weeks away, so again sorry for the tease, but the wait will almost certainly be worth it. We will cover the patent process in more depth at some later time, heck we’ll even talk about ways you yourself could patent an idea. But right now we have two (unrelated) deadlines pending and we want to focus on that first.

In closing, to the 1000-ish followers we have now (see the follow button), thank you all for the support and we sincerely hope that you are as excited as we are.

UPDATE: Well this was a long forgotten post dredged up by the visits it was getting. It’s been quite a few years, we’re now at over 4000 followers (wow!) and I made the reveal without any real pomp and circumstance here. Thank you all for the support over the years. I’ve lost some regulars, gained some regulars, but it’s been an adventure.


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