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Day 126: Stealth wrapping Pt. 2


This is a continuation from yesterday’s post. If you haven’t read how I like to wrap my presents, you should probably start here. For the rest of you, this is going to be just a few more examples of my wrapping creativity. Same rules apply, don’t stealth wrap your gift as something the person would want! I CANNOT stress that enough, otherwise let’s get started.

LINES! It’s all about the lines. This time I had two gifts for one person. I thought it would be hilarious to relate the two together, but I was stuck. One of the gifts was a book, so I needed to be careful about how I wrapped it. In this house, we do not put tape on our books!!!!!


If you or someone you know owns, is interested in, or plans on operating a vagina, might I recommend the vagina bible? It’s an awesome book, which I’ve read and I highly recommend to anyone interested. Dr. Gunter is amazing and incredibly talented as both a doctor and a writer. Originally, this was going to be a stocking stuffer. After some thought, I figured it was too good to not wrap. Here was my dilemma, I wanted to figure out how to relate the two gifts, so I looked at the shape and had an epiphany! It was going to be a remote control, I’ll get to what it is supposed to control in a second, but first let’s go over the wrap job.


First thing, I wanted an antenna, the joy sticks, and a handle up top. Again, we DO NOT tape things to the book! So I had to make everything self contained, this was the first step in the joystick design, I adjusted it a bit after this first attempt (you’ll see what I mean in the next photo). After everything was cut out, I now needed to figure out how to wrap it without getting tape on the book. It got interesting, but spoiler, it worked out.


As you can see, the joystick had extra cardboard added to it and I used the joystick base as the place to tape everything down to. I wanted to emphasize my handle so I wanted to wrap around it, not cover it completely, same with the antenna, and the joystick so I wrapped everything separately. Again, it’s all about the lines, so there is no point in doing it if it is going to be covered.


Okay, certainly not my best work. However, I was in a hurry and I still had one other gift to wrap. Frankly, I think it does the job and is a passable remote control. Now onto the challenge! I have a boring ol’ can opener to wrap. It was one of the gifts requested, don’t ask, but I wanted to give it a rather unique wrap job, I decided (don’t ask me why) that I could get it to look like a quadcopter. It’s a very recognizable shape, but it’s also a very complex wrapping job. I was going to have to fabricate basically the entire thing out of cardboard and again, I was in a hurry.


First thing I had to do was create four equal length arms for the blades. This was somewhat straightforward, but it did involve quite a bit of tape since I was worried someone would try to pick it up by the arms. A REMINDER: the person this is for did not want a quadcopter and wouldn’t know what to do with one even if I had gotten them a quadcopter. They did however ask for a can opener (we have rules about costs, so that was probably part of what was going on). So back to the wrapping antics.


By now I’ve made it clear I was in a hurry, so I didn’t grab pictures of the inbetween, but each of the four arms are attached to the central body, notice it’s missing the blades. ITS ALL ABOUT THE LINES! So I made, wrapped, then attached them separately to emphasize the look. Let me just say, I’m a fairy good wrapper when the gift is a regular shape. Doing this with very irregular shapes has been a lesson in patience and problem solving. Okay, so let’s see what it looks like all wrapped up.


As you can see, the blades are attached and look just as funny as I hoped. Now to me it is very obvious what this is, unfortunately someone who saw the wrap job asked what it was supposed to be (someone who knows my propensity for wrapping gifts like other things), so maybe not as obvious as I wanted?

Here’s everything under the tree. To emphasize the idea that this is a remote controlled quadcopter (and because they are both for the same person) I put them together under the tree.


You can see my rocket wrap job just to the left there and some packing paper that I have out for my cats. They go nuts for packing paper, so if you need a christmas gift idea for your cat, don’t paws, just remember my little tail and buy it. They won’t wait to thank you, they’ll do it right meow. Okay, that’s the last cat pun doggone it.

Well that’s my shopping done (mostly) I have one more gift coming today so expect one more post tomorrow. For now, I hope I’ve given people awfulesome ideas for how to make the holidays more fun for everyone!

But enough about us, what about you?

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