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Day 288: The things we do in the dark Part – 2


As with most mornings I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about, but my topic found me. He who controls the flow of information controls the narrative. Wars are won and lost by the control of public information. The government knows this, it is a tactic the government has used for decades and they are at it again.

Tuesday blackout. “People” are posting black squares in “solidarity” of what is happening. Notice people and solidarity are in quotes. I highly, HIGHLY doubt this is an organic movement. What’s the point? Does it do anything to help the situation. FUCK NO.

What it does do is make it harder to find good information and up to date news about protests, police brutality, and other black lives matter events. If I had to guess, I would bet money that this is a disinformation campaign. One designed to break up the preferred methods of sharing information live. This is happening on twitter, instagram, and who knows where else.

DO NOT PARTICIPATE. This is not showing solidarity to your black family. This is yet another attempt by the government or people working with the government to shut down this movement by controlling the flow of information. There are a myriad of ways to show your support for the black lives matter movement, this isn’t it.

So in the coming days as things like this become more commonplace, I have a few tips. Think before you do something. Activism is great, go activism. Mindless activism is how you end up hurting the people you are trying to help.

Answer these simple questions before you follow along:

Who does this help? If you can’t answer that clearly, you’re probably not helping anyone.

What impact does this have? A black square does nothing for the people. It does have an impact though. It prevents important information from being found.

What is the black community saying? You know why we’re in this mess? Because the white folk don’t want to listen to the black folk. It’s simple, look at what the black community is telling you and follow along. If you get called out, apologize, learn from your mistake, and move on. Mistakes will happen, but correcting them is on you.

How do I know this is a government tactic, well first off I’m a Marine, we are taught about this. Secondly, I already wrote about this days ago when the protests started. For part one see “The things we do in the dark.” I knew this was coming and it’s on us to adapt and overcome.

If you are an ally, spread the word, stop people from unknowingly helping the government. It’s the least we can do.


But enough about us, what about you?

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