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Day 293: TERF is NOT a slur


The I’d march with you… if I weren’t so busy discriminating against you defense.

Sex, gender, depending on who you ask it’s very simple or infinitely complex. I’ll give you a hint the science is settled and it isn’t as simple as people who shout, “but biology!” would want you to think. Sex and gender are most definitely a spectrum, it’s literally what the biology tells us and if you disagree, well then quit trying to use science as a defence for your shitty opinions.

Trans exclusionary radical feminist. It’s a non-gendered term to describe people who claim to support feminism but tie themselves into knots refusing to support trans people. It’s not a slur, notice how it doesn’t describe the person. Instead it describes the belief system that person has.

That isn’t to say that TERF’s aren’t shitty people. They most definitely are, but the word TERF isn’t a bad word in and of itself. Furthermore, the ideology is deeply flawed. They pretend like they are some science purist and the rest of the world is turning to pseudoscience, when instead they have their heads in the sand and refuse to hear the truth.

The truth is that in nature we see examples of how sex (biologically and genetically) is a spectrum. Even as humans we see examples of this all the fucking time. Biology is so complex it’s literally impossible for sex and gender NOT to be a spectrum. There are so many different articles and papers about this topic it’s hard to summarize the overwhelming evidence that gender and sex are a spectrum and not binary.

From your bones (further reading) to your genetics (further reading)(more reading), we see evidence that sex and gender is a spectrum. I cannot wrap my head around why people would think this is not okay. We are all different and we should be celebrating those differences. We are one giant family stuck on a planet that just happened to have the right stuff on it to bring life into the universe. Fuck yeah I’m going to celebrate everyone’s differences!

The way I see it is TERFism is just another form of racism, or sexism, etc that tries to mask itself as socially acceptable. In reality, it’s just another way people try to “prove” that they are better than another group of people. If it weren’t so harmful, it would be sad.

I support my LGBTQ+ family because why the hell shouldn’t I? They are out there just trying to be the best and truest version of themselves. We should all be so lucky to find the confidence to do that in spite of the people who will look down on us as lesser than.

You want to be a TERF? Fine, I doubt I will change any minds, just know that the science is not on your side no matter how big a fit you want to throw. Also know that I WILL call you out on it EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME you try to use science as an excuse to be a shitty person. Be a shitty person if you must, just leave your pseudoscience arguments out of it and accept you just want to be a shitty person.

To my LGBTQ+ family, happy pride!

For my readers who don’t know, pride started as a riot involving Marsha P. Johnson, a Trans black woman (further reading).

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  1. Thanks for your take on this. I also think TERF is not a slur. I think it’s a misnomer…a “feminism” that does not advocate for all women is not a feminist.

    Liked by 1 person

    June 11, 2020 at 10:40 pm

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