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Surgery update – Day 7

Basically this…

Well it’s been a full week since surgery (if we don’t count the day it happened). Not going to lie, things aren’t looking good at the moment and if what I’ve read is correct I have another 2 weeks of walking around with what appears to be two large cantaloupes under my skin. If that doesn’t sound like fun, well that’s because it’s not.

So much work, so much swelling. It’s not a good combination for sure. My main PI is expecting a coherent project summary for my grant proposal (which is ~15 pages) this Friday and I’m on page 6(ish) so not a lot of progress, but I’ve only been working on it for a week so that’s expected when I have to cite a ton of sources and that involves hours of reading research papers to make sure I’m citing the right thing.

If I had nothing else going on right now, I think this wouldn’t be so bad, but my main PI is also expecting me to get a set of experiments done ASAP because they are overdue (technically they are not! However, we had planned to be done and processing them at this point). So despite the recovery taking a lot longer than I expected, I need to be in the lab doing experiments. I have another one tomorrow and then three next week that need to get done.

Which brings me to the final update for the day. Yesterday I told my story about the last surgery I had where I swelled this bad. I had feared (and even warned the people in the lab) that I may about to have a repeat of that event. Lastime they used sutures so I had some warning. This time they used skin glue, so it’s sealed until it isn’t anymore. I’ve been afraid (given the incredible amount of swelling) that the cavities they created digging out scar tissue had filled yet again with blood/fluid/whatever and were about to break open in a spectacular fashion.

That unfortunately may be happening. I noticed last night that the towel I use to wrap my ice packs (to help with the swelling) had some spots on it. At first I was hesitant to think it was blood/fluid/whatever is in there this time, because I didn’t want it to be happening again. Well I swapped the towel and sure enough I am weeping from both of the incisions. Frankly with how swollen they are I’m shocked they haven’t completely split apart, but I’m still not happy that they are weeping.

It’s not a good sign for sure, they should’ve given me something to compress the area to prevent this from happening or put a temporary drain in, but it’s the VA and they only did half the surgery they were supposed to do! (Yay) I’m not sure I told that story yet… huh. I’ve been a bit out of it so you’ll have to forgive me. It’s not due to pain meds, I’m not taking any, they don’t work on me! It sucks, but I’m a little out of it because I’m barely sleeping and in a lot of pain at the moment.

Never fear, it’s a spot I’m surprisingly used to being in! Not comforting I know, but you get used to it. So I just have to give it time and hope that I don’t completely break open and have another trash can or two to fill.

Point of today? Even though the people who did the surgery were one step away from butchers who are lucky they didn’t get kicked out of medical school (I mean how else do you end up working for the VA, let’s be real you’re overworked, underpaid and even if you have a heart of gold and want to help veterans, there are better ways), I am stuck with the consequences. In short, I’m a victim of biology and trapped in this state until my body heals itself. Now, if I could just fast forward to the part where I’m better…


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  1. ….shuddering with empathy…I don’t know your pain and don’t want to, F no! Shuddering again…sorry, oh glad that you were able to come here and share with us.

    I know the big ticket item right now is the ACA but why aren’t more senators fighting for the VA Hospitals and better care & treatment for people that served this country that both sides seem to be so passionate about saving…sorry, again…just a little angry with the whole system right now, the medical system and how it is controlled by the government and not in a good way. I am having issues with my private insurance benefits right now…Reading your story makes me sad as I know many people that are counting on VA benefits as that is what they were promised when the recruiters spoke to them, I remember…

    Hope each day gets better and better for you. 🙂

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    October 14, 2020 at 11:19 am

    • Thank you! It’s been rough for sure. While the government says they support vets, it’s hard to see it. Most of them restrict funding for the VA hospital to hold it as an example of why we shouldn’t let the government provide healthcare to everyone. If it was properly funded things would be great, but fun fact the VA doesn’t get funding from the bloated military budget, that’s a separate fight (intentionally of course).

      Anyway thanks for the well wishes and good luck to you as well! I know you’ve been going through stuff too and it doesn’t sound like either of us are having a particularly good time right now!

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      October 14, 2020 at 12:29 pm

      • You are welcome.
        I remember being promised healthcare for life by a few recruiters. Luckily I got pregnant and had to opt out because I wouldn’t sign custody of my daughter over to my parents during boot camp. I was that close and still wish I would have served, really. So as a kid I thought the government took care of service members…good to know.
        Yeah, sorry, I have been a bit testy lately, possible re-herniation in my discs and am hoping the pain goes away cause I ain’t going to the ER… I really should stay off the internet and my phone when I am like this. Feel better!

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        October 14, 2020 at 1:10 pm

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