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Day 279: Juggling (a lot of) tasks

task juggling

Since the pandemic hit I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what I’m doing in school and things that I need to finish. Turns out I’m juggling a lot. I’ve touched on this before in other posts that I have a lot going on, but it never really hit me until recently that I have all these things and none of them seem to be ending. It’s kind of frustrating and extremely anxiety inducing.

Somewhere between the summer mentoring about to kick off and the long, long, very long, list of home projects I had made, I had a realization that there was a lot of unfinished things on my plate that I wanted to get rid of ASAP. Some of those things are more obvious than others and it took literally writing it all out to realize just how much I had. In the end I’ve grouped it into several categories, but this is just a few of those things.

Let’s start with the obvious, papers. I’m still trying to publish my masters thesis work, that has been an excruciatingly difficult task for some reason or another (mostly reviewers have opinions about my work and some want more… joy). I also have a new paper that I am working on thanks to the class I just took. That should be getting submitted for our first journal round soon(ish), but that is a process as well. Then there is my research, I have one paper that we are in the middle of working on and one that I haven’t started, but once we can do experiments again needs to get started. Lastly, I have my PhD proposal work that I need to get started with so I can publish some of that data and make sure that I am even going to be able to do the research I want to do. It all hinges on an experiment and the findings, but the stupid pandemic has put that on hold. For those of you keeping count, that is four journal papers, one conference paper, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Next, we have the summer mentorship stuff. I’m working on creating two courses from scratch, thankfully they will be short. One will be anywhere from two to five lectures at an hour each, the other should be one to two lectures at an hour each. Still, putting together something for the lectures takes time, effort, and a lot of revisions. Plus you’ll notice I didn’t say exactly how many lectures I will be doing. That is because I don’t actually know the final count yet because my PI hasn’t told me yet. Key word here is yet. He will, eventually, but until then I am stuck in limbo and we start lectures in less than a week. Thankfully my courses will be closer to the end, so I’ll have about a month or so to wrap up my course outline.

Then we have the prosthetic project I’ve been working on for the past year. This job was super complex and probably one of the harder prosthetics I’ve designed. Most of my prosthetics are designed to do a single job, pull off a ballet move, or use a bow and arrow, things of that nature. This is a multi purpose design and one with a lot of electronics involved. Everything that could go wrong so far has gone wrong. What should’ve taken weeks to get the parts took months, the design had to be modified, several times (that’s normal though), we had issues with legal, then there was personal issues, then the pandemic hit, and yet even more personal issues came up. So basically one thing after the other. We’re close to finishing, but it feels like it’s going to be another year before we get it done. It’s frustrating to say the least.

On top of all that I have a three page single spaced list of house projects I’m tackling, probably all of that over the summer (thankfully). There is just so much to do around the house it isn’t even funny. Thankfully that bit isn’t so bad, I like doing house projects. Of course any project involves money, so that is a major hold up even though I’m doing the work myself, I still need the raw materials and equipment. It’s just a lot all around, I’m left with so many tasks that it all feels very overwhelming to the point that I want to avoid a lot of it. This is just the short list of stuff to do too, so maybe I should go get some work done so I can check some of these things off my list.

But enough about us, what about you?

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