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Day 309: No tests, no worries

head in sand

If I ignore my bills, I would have very few, if any. If that logic seems, well wrong, then I’m not surprised. Ignoring something doesn’t make it magically go away. Yet, Trump has touted, yet again, that if we slowed or stopped testing, we would have very few, if any cases of COVID19. I mean, with that kind of logic, you could have no more bills with this one weird trick!

Here in the US the number of people who are dead due to COVID-19 is massive. We have more people who have died from COVID-19 than we (the US) had die from World war 1. All in the course of less than six months. It’s not looking good, but don’t worry we’re on lockdown right now so things are going to get better… oh wait, were not on lockdown? Well fuck.

Brought to you by the same country that sold out of toilet paper and cleaning wipes when it started, we’ve moved to the stage where we just ignore it and if you die, well it was your time. I need a damn burger and a haircut and if people have to die for me to get it then I might as well make it a cheeseburger to commemorate their sacrifice. As humans, we’re not as smart as we think we are and this really just proves it.

We’re not only opening cities, restaurants, bars, the works, as a whole we never reduced the spread! Sure it flattened a bit, but we’re making up for that with the last few weeks and then some. Now we have Trump saying that we shouldn’t even bother with the testing. I’m just blown away by the monumental stupidity shown by the people running our country. The body count is rising and everyone with any power to stop it seems to be cool with it.

Almost no one is wearing a mask any more too. We didn’t adapt to live with the virus, we said fuck it, if we die then at least I won’t have to wear a piece of fabric over my face. It’s just blowing my mind and we’re just going with it. People are going out to the beach, to the bars, to the restaurants. I feel like I’ve woken up in an alternate universe where COVID19 was never made public. A universe where we ignore the number of dead from this strange illness an do nothing to stop it.

Basically my hope for humanity is at an all time low. Then Trump comes out with his bit about how we do the most testing so we’re going to find the most cases and we should just stop so we don’t find any more. I mean talk about burying your head in the sand. The ironic part is he’s safe, he tests everyone around him constantly. You and me? Not so much, so once again my plea is for everyone to wear the damn mask. It’s literally the best, and really only, thing we can do to stop this. Do it for yourself, do it for your friends, do it for your fucking celebrity crush, just wear the fucking thing.


2 responses

  1. Who knew a simple mask would cause so much discussion in 2020. Who knew that by wearing or not wearing one means you are choosing a side. I just don’t understand. You seem to be in my boat and wondering why people are making the choices they do. I guess this is free will or mind just not sure…. sorry, just having a shitty day. Hope you have a great day and I will be happily wearing my mask if I ever leave my cave…

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    June 23, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    • Haha yeah I agree it’s a weird thing that we have to fight for people to do something so simple. I don’t understand it, but I too will be wearing my mask if I should ever see the outside world again. It’s the least we can do for each other, Thanks for your input!

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      June 23, 2020 at 5:25 pm

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