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Day 312: Yes, the protests are still going…

George floyd

It still appears there is a media blackout on the protests (first mentioned in my other post). That doesn’t mean we’ve stopped though! It also unfortunately doesn’t mean the police have stopped. In fact we’re seeing some really… umm scary tactics being used by the police to * checks notes * beat us until we stop protesting police violence.

I mean what can I say, we’re still protesting! It’s amazing and makes my heart happy. Plus almost everyone is wearing a mask. Masks fucking work! We’ve been protesting for weeks now and there has been no uptick in cases caused by protesters, great job team. That doesn’t mean that COVID-19 cases aren’t increasing because people are being stupid, but at least the cases aren’t being caused by the protests and really that’s an important distinction.

So quick update on the terrors the police have unleashed. We’ve had unmarked vans unload heavily armed police who randomly pulled a protester into the van then drove off without an explanation. Where they police? Who knows? They wouldn’t say (video here). It’s definitely a scary time, but the police force is in its death throes and they know it. We can’t stop and I sincerely hope we don’t stop, they are showing their true colors now, this isn’t protection, it’s oppression. It’s a reminder that we live with the illusion of freedom given to us by an occupying force that is above the law and who routinely breaks the laws they make up.

Oh I mentioned in previous posts that the NRA is a super racist organization (that post here). Well yet again we see that this is true. When white people open carry, it’s an expression of freedom. When they open carry into an official government building, it’s a right to protest(read here)! When Black people open carry, well according to a certain GOP senator and NRA favorite, it’s mob rule (video here). What a surprise from the same people who are so very much every toddler should have a gun. Well, every white toddler apparently.

It’s been rough and I don’t think the end is in sight quite yet. I mean these are organizations that have existed for almost as long as the US has been around. It’s going to take time, pressure, more pressure, and a lot of protests. Stay safe, wear a mask, and as always, protest the shit out of the police. They are by far outnumbered and it’s time to remind them that they are a relic of a racist past that isn’t needed and was never needed.



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