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Day 237: Coronavirus and the military response – Part 3

USS Theodore Roosevelt

Well it’s been ten days since I made my predictions about what would happen with the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and it looks like we have some updates so let’s see how close I was to guessing what was going to happen. Let me just start by saying, I hate it when I’m right about this stuff. Some of the things I predicted were longer term, but some of the shorter things we can compare.

Well my first big prediction was that the government would downplay the severity of the situation. You don’t need to be a veteran to predict that and sure enough that is exactly what happened. I mean, you could’ve called that a mile away, the military could accidently detonate a nuclear warhead in the middle of a big city and downplay how bad that would be. It’s a classic example of being stuck in the past where information was easier to hide. In the digital age, it all comes out eventually and in this case we knew how bad it was before the government tried to argue otherwise. So like any good coverup failure, the acting navy secretary resigned, because it’s easier than telling the truth.

My next major prediction was that they were not going to decontaminate the ship and temporarily replace the crew, instead they were going to opt to replace only the infected. Again, not difficult to predict since the military would never do anything the best way to begin with. So they really did swap out a portion of the crew, the part that tested positive for the coronavirus. Now we have 550 of the crew testing positive for the coronavirus. It’s only been ten days, so once again there are a lot more than 550 infected, but they aren’t showing symptoms or testing positive yet. If you need more evidence of this, the reason they are in this mess to begin with is becuase they only quarantined the ones who tested positive and not the whole damn ship.

In my first post, I also predicted they would fire the captain of the Roosevelt and of course they did and tried to discredit him in the process, because it’s easier than telling the truth. No one on the ship has died yet (thankfully), but one sailor is already in critical condition. The pressure all this put on Guam was another prediction, or more of a logical result of the Navy being there and not caring about the local population. No surprise there sadly, but the truth of the matter is that the military doesn’t care.

Overall I made a bleak prediction about how the military would respond to the outbreak and the fact that someone broke ranks to demand help. Let’s be clear, that Captain put his crew ahead of his career and the military spit him out. He knew it would happen as did most of us, but he did it anyway and this is how the military loses its best people. If you don’t sell the story the military is pushing, what good are you? I hate it when I’m right.

So what’s my next prediction? Let’s just leave it at things are going to get a lot worse, there will be more attempts to cover it up and potentially more people resigning instead of speaking the truth. Maybe I’ll update this as the story progresses, but the news is already covering it fairly well. I just wanted follow up with what I predicted and show you what the military actually did, no surprises were found.


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