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Day 262: A Brief Repose


A project from a few winters ago in my old home. My workshop was so organized!

A friend once described me as, “a maker if there ever was one.” If you ask me, he was being overly kind, but it’s true I enjoy making things. I’m always looking to learn new skills or sharpen old ones. In fact, I’m taking up some “light” woodworking over the summer to do some custom pieces for my home. It will be a fun task, if not a bit tedious and time consuming. I have a list of projects you see, but not a lot of time to do them.

The why I don’t have time is very simple and can be summed up as such. I’m not a smart man. I am not a particularly clever man. I am not a lot of things that I need to be for my level of education. What I lack in raw talent and intelligence I make up for with pure force of will. It may take me four times as long to get something done as it does my peers, but it will get done. I honestly envy people who can do these things with effortless exceptionalism. I am not one of those people.

Unfortunately, this leaves me with little time to do the things I would like. Specifically this term because my schedule didn’t pan out the way I normally set it. My normal schedule involves taking weekends off and at least one of those days is a day of nothing. Literally a relaxing day (whatever that means to me that week), I highly recommend it. Because of the workload and the aforementioned lack of intelligence, for the past few months my projects have been piling up. Are you still a maker if the only things you make live in your head?

It’s a question I’ve been wrestling with over the last few months. With summer here I can finally get back to doing some of those project. Ripping out a light fixture because it wasn’t centered (like seemingly everything in this house), building a workbench for my tools, setting up my workshop. It’s been almost two years since I’ve moved into this house and my workshop is still in the moving boxes.

While I am still working over the summer, after all I’m a grad student and we don’t get summers off, I do have more free time now that I am not taking formal classes. So now I will take the next few days to plan some of the larger projects I have. Then I will have to get my supplies together and take stock of my tools. Then, finally, I will have the chance to make something again. I’ve never tried my hand at woodworking, so my first few pieces probably won’t be very good, but that’s the nature of making things.

They aren’t good because they are perfect, they are good because they are a part of you.

Legion painted

A hand painted Legion

But enough about us, what about you?

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