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Day 269: A preview of the weeks ahead

two old school box style robots on a table near the beach looking at the water in the distance

Robots don’t need to social distance, but we do, so no beach trips for me this summer.

Well we’ve officially transitioned to the spring/summer break. Since I am doing my own little 365 days of academia challenge, it’s important to point out that there will most likely be a marked change in the content. So let’s look at what we’ve done to this point and what will be coming up! I’m excited, are you excited? I’m excited!

When I first started this little project I wasn’t sure what I was going to talk about. To be honest, some days it was easier than others. Most of my early posts were on topics we were learning about in class and came with a lovely disclaimer that you shouldn’t trust what I say as completely factual. After all, I was learning the material myself!

As it progressed I introduced several other facets, getting ready for my qualifying exam (which feels like forever ago), passing my qualifying exam, going to a couple of wintertime conferences, and just random things going on. Then I switched over to the know your spinal cord series, which was a huge hit (thank you all for helping with that). It was almost 60 days of spinal knowledge, so I like to think that for an introduction to your spinal cord, it was extremely thorough.

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about the work I was doing this term and the frustrations I was having with my team member. While we finished the project, I unfortunately am still working with him in regard to the paper we are writing (read: the paper I am writing). So that will be… frustrating.

All that aside, my goal with starting my own little challenge was to record 365 days of what it was like in academia. I covered things I learned, frustrations I was having, basically the gamut of things to that point. With summer however, we switch gears and focus more on the research side of things. This is nice because it gives me a very clean separation between work and home. What does that mean for all of this?

Simply put a lot of what I’m going to be writing about will probably be me indulging in hobbies. As a whole, it will be me trying to do some mental health stuff, or rather stuff to improve my mental health. Things like starting my woodworking projects that I’m nervous about because I’ve never done. Doing things around the house, and yes, vague talk about the experiments I’m doing since we haven’t published yet (sooooooon… I hope). Once we publish, I’ll be free to talk about the projects and share them with all of you, so hopefully that will happen before day 365!

In the meantime we’re going to go from experiments to showing off just how crafty I can be. I think it will be good to give a mix of work and relaxing. After all, research all day, every day isn’t healthy. Showing that you can have hobbies and do other fun things while you’re working on your degree is just as important as explaining which tracts of the spinal cord are the coolest ( tract of Lissauer, duh).

I should also mention again that we are getting close to the end. I’m honestly surprised how fast time flew. On average writing these daily posts takes me about an hour, sometimes a little less, a lot of them took a lot more time. My know your spinal cord series for example, averaged 5 hours a post and that was after doing all the research needed to start writing. It’s bittersweet I guess, but maybe we can do it all over again when this round is done? Maybe we need a 365 days more, who knows. I don’t make the rules… oh wait I do!

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  1. I love the robots 🙂

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    May 14, 2020 at 5:49 pm

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