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Archive for July 8, 2014

Skin Cells and Skin… smells?!


Yeah we all know that your nose smells. Yawn! Boring I know, this isn’t kindergarten this is Loony Labs! Thankfully that isn’t what I have for you [as much as an amazing breakthrough as that really is, or maybe I’m easily entertained]. Anyway let’s just jump right in, your skin smells too! Not in the you need a shower kind of way [although if you haven’t showered in a day or two then you just may fall in that category], but in the it can detect odors kind of way.

All done the same way your nose does it, olfactory receptors. Furthermore, cell proliferation increases and wound healing improves if those receptors are activated. This mechanism constitutes a possible starting point for new drugs and cosmetics [as in the burn healing or other scar inducing kind of way].