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Day 72: The dreaded email…


Fun fact, no one ever enjoyed sending an email. Least of all an email to someone you’ve never met, not just an email, a cold email. In the spirit of halloween, let’s talk about the scariest thing I can think of outside of the horror of finding no significance in your data.

For the upcoming neurotech conference, we have been asked to contact the speakers in the session we are leading. This means I need to send out not 1 email, but 4+ emails to professionals in the industry whom I have never met.

cue horror movie music

Spending hours to craft the perfect email can be stress inducing to say the least, worst of all once you hit send and reread it (you know you do, I can’t be the only one), you realize that a 4th grader could’ve written it in 5 minutes. Gurr….

You see what I am getting at, it’s awful, I don’t like it, and I’m not looking forward to it. BUUUUUUT….

That is why I am here doing this work. I want to get better at things like this. I don’t mind stepping outside my comfort zone and really, even if I send a poorly worded email, they won’t ever remember. Still, the stress is real.

My take away from this is simple, do things that make you uncomfortable, it will teach you a few things. One, that you’ll survive an awkward email introduction. Two, it teaches you how to communicate via email (an important skill to say the least). Lastly, it gives you an opportunity to practice and we all know you can’t get good at something unless you practice.

That’s it, that’s the post. Take from it what you will, but give it a shot and remember, you’re not alone if you feel like you send awful emails, I think we all feel that way at one point or another. Especially when we are sending emails to people we don’t even know!

Until next time, don’t stop learning!

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