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Day 118: Conference Day 3

It’s been a busy conference. Yesterday was a particularly full day and so today, I’m blogging via phone. This morning we hiked a mountain. Well A-mountain (seriously that’s the name of it).

Even though I’m exhausted (I literally passed out in my dress clothes in my room last night), it’s been a good conference.

So since I’m in my phone, let’s just look at some of the highlights from yesterday.

Interestingly we had to double mic for the event. So we had to be creative for my session.

A super interesting talk on neural stimulation implants. Coming soon (7ish years out) to help people with memory issues from tbi or other causes (tbi was mentioned specifically)

One of my lab members just finished his PhD so he was a day late. We had him do the icebreaker yesterday to make up for it.

So yeah, we’re wrapping up today and it’s super exciting to see it all come together. Today is the last day (which I will highlight tomorrow) so it’s bittersweet, but overall it’s been a blast and I’m glad to have helped organize it.

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