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Day 117: Conference Day 2


Today is the first day of the neurotech workshop (day 2 of my confrence schedule since I had 2 conferences back to back) and man did I do something evil. Well… maybe not that evil, but more evil genius. They gave me some creative power and I found a way to make it funny. Let’s take a look at the result, shall we?

Okay, so a quick highlight since I need some sleep, I was tasked with creating an ice breaker challenge. The idea was each of our 30 attendees would come to the front of the room and do an elevator pitch for some random item that we gave them. I was the one who created the powerpoint slides for the game.

Well, I had a particular idea about how this should go. I wanted people to laugh and I really wanted people to have to sell things that they wouldn’t normally see. There were a few common objects thrown in, a rocking chair, a hair brush, lipstick, things like that. However, there were some more fun products that I selected so let’s look at a few of those.


Introducing crispy beef flavored water. Every pet deserves a flavored beverage, so why not choose crispy beef flavored water as the beverage of choice for your furry friend? This was the first funny thing I threw into the slides and the result was exactly what I was hoping for, a lot of laughs from both the person pitching as well as the audience.


By this point I had people asking me how I found these images, but I think butter stick would be the most realistic of fake products you could pitch, I mean we had people asking if it was a real thing because they wanted it, so clearly there is a market for butter stick.


Ever want a sandwich, but don’t think sliced bread could cut it? Try bread gloves!


Okay, I’m pretty sure this is a real product, but it got a lot of laughs anyway. Also, the way some of these items were pitched was hilarious and by the end of the event, we had a good laugh and everyone felt pretty comfortable with one another.

Moral of the story, if you wanted something serious, you probably shouldn’t leave it to me. However, I truly think it was a very effective way to get people out of their comfort zone and a great way to bond everyone together. Let’s face it, it’s an experience I don’t think they will be forgetting anytime soon!

If you wanted to be here, but couldn’t there is always next year. If you didn’t apply, I hope that these photos alone have made you interested in applying for the next year. Moving forward, we have two more days of workshop. It will be more serious, but today was supposed to be lighthearted and a good way for people to make friends.

I’ve got news on my data request which I will probably share Monday sometime, also my QE is on tuesday. So a lot of things going on, but it’s all good stuff so stick around.

Until next time, don’t stop learning!

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