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Day 119: Conference Day 4


The winners of the pitch competition giving a surprise 1-2 minute elevator pitch

Well, I’m finally home. It’s been exhausting, but super exciting. I’ve got so much to share I’m not even sure where to start. Let’s go over how yesterday went first. It was our last day at the confrence and our trainees got to present their company pitches. We named the top three (of ten) teams and they got prizes (surprisingly useful and super nice prizes, a wireless phone charger in fact). We also had some talks, so let’s go through the highlights.

As I mentioned yesterday, we hiked A-mountain. Here’s a view from the top. This was bright and early before the days events. I thought about not going, but I didn’t want to miss out.


We had some great talks about finding funding, we even met with an angel (investor) who gave us some insight into what other angels look for and how to approach one.


From the US and interested in that sweet, sweet government money? Try DARPA, we had a great talk from Eric, one of the program managers at DARPA doing some amazing work. Super great guy and I even traded contact information, it’s always crazy when someone that high up in the food chain wants to help some lowly grad student.


We also heard from Emily, a program manager at NIH, so if you want some of that government money, but don’t think DARPA would be interested, you can try NIH too.


Lastly, let’s not forget the great group of mentees we had at the event, it was inspiring to connect with so many talented people across different fields from all over the world.


It was an incredible feeling to see everything come together after all that work, we spent months and months planning the event and to see our ideas work so well. I cannot put the feeling into words. We got some good early feedback and everyone seemed to love it, best of all, things went as planned, not an easy task.

Being part of the first (of many) Neurotech bootcamps was probably the best experience I’ve had so far in my career. If you missed out, fear not, we plan on doing it again soon! Stick around and I will be passing the information on as soon as I know more. If you want to help organize the next one, you’ll get the chance to apply for that too. I sincerely hope that you will think about attending, the hotel costs and food costs are covered and we offer travel grants for the international students. Next time, they might even expand the travel grants, so don’t let money stop you from trying to attend.

So let’s talk about what’s next. Tomorrow is my QE, I’m doing a practice run today and I’m not sure how well it will go, but I’m excited to do a dry run before the real event. I’m still tired, the conferences (multiple) took a lot out of me and it will take a bit to recover, but it was such a great time I don’t regret doing it. I’ve still got a few things to finish off for my QE, which is more than just a little nerve wracking. However, it’s now or never. I’ll let you know how it goes (probably wednesday).

OH! I almost forgot (again, sooo much information to pass along) I have an update about the data I requested, but you’ll have to stick around to find out how it went. I’ll probably discuss that thursday since there is just so much going on!

Until next time, don’t stop learning!

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