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Day 131: My laptop is ALIVE!

poor laptop

The poor thing has been through a lot, notice my c key is completely worn down. I didn’t know I hit c so hard!

Well after a few days of curing time, my laptop is alive again! In fact I’m writing this on it now. YAY!! I honestly don’t have the money to replace the thing and I already have much needed car repairs to attend to, so this cannot break on me yet.

Today is going to be somewhat short, I have rat data to analyse and I really want to get started on it soon. It’s not the standard type of data I work with, but thankfully the dataset came with code that I could use to process the data. Anyway back to the laptop!

So far things seem good. The internet connection is holding and more importantly the mouse works just fine (again so far…), but it’s only been a few minutes since I put it all back together. I mean I’ve completely worn out the c key (as seen above!) and a large portion of the paint for the mouse has been rubbed off, I’ve also lost some of the plastic ring around the screen, but overall it still works.

It’s got all the screws and all four of the plastic feet. It’s been through a lot, but I try to take good care of my things. In fact, like I mentioned earlier, it’s about 6 years old now. Yep, when I originally got it windows 10 hadn’t even come out yet. It was top of the line (for an HP anyway) at the time. I’m a little anxious about replacing it actually, for a few reasons. The big one is I know what’s wrong with the one I have, if I got a new one I wouldn’t be able to anticipate what would go wrong with it. Silly I know, but I also have absolutely no extra money to replace it with, so I will wait until I do have some cash, hopefully I can make it that long!

So yeah, it’s alive!!! Now, off to get some work done.

But enough about us, what about you?

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