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Day 256: Two days left…

cookie monster

A live shot of me waiting for my data to finish processing

Well here we are and it’s… ♫ the finalllll count dowwwwwn!! ♫ My paper is due sunday at midnight and between the video I need to make, the data that still needs to be processed, and a shitty team mate who has done absolutely nothing to help, well I’ve got my work cut out for me.

I’m still batch processing my dataset! It’s taking forever and it’s killing me slowly. I don’t want to wait, but then again, I don’t get a choice in the matter. I’m hoping to wrap it up today, but once this set is done, I still have one more set. Thankfully it’s quite a bit smaller so it shouldn’t take two days… since I only have 2 days left. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t be coming up against the wire.

There are still three sections of the paper to write and about 4/5ths of a video presentation to assemble. That last part won’t be too bad if I can get the paper done, but as I mentioned yesterday, writing is not a good time. Will I finish the project in time? Who knows! That’s the problem, we’re not really sure. I suspect that I will hit my deadline, I work well under pressure, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy or encourage it.

In fact, I tend to get assignments done early so I don’t get put in this exact position. I typically turn homework in the day before it is due, when it’s an online submission anyway. This however will definately be a turn it in 10 minutes before the deadline situation. The issue is the data, I need it processed so I can write the results. Without the data being done, I have no results to write about! It’s all very frustrating.

That said, I should probably get back to staring at my computer as it runs through the processing loop. Do I need to do that? No, but I figure if I watch it, my computer will feel pressured into processing it all faster. That is how it works, right?


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