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Day 257: Tomorrow…


Well we’re up against the wire now. Tomorrow is the due date for my paper and with it the video I am working on. Will I make it? How much work is left to do? Why am I talking in questions? Find out more… now…?

Working with code is like speaking a different language. Except it’s not like speaking a different language at all. If you write something in a language you are fluent in and go back to it, chances are you can still read it. If I haven’t worked with my code in more than a few weeks, it might as well have been written by someone else.

Now imagine you need to work with someone else’s code. It’s like trying to read hieroglyphs, it feels impossible. For this project there was a lot of working with other people’s code, so I had to work around the code, not exactly with  the code. In fact, if you read this post I explain that it was faster to write my own code from scratch than to try and debug someone else’s code.

So why am I talking about code? There was some issues last night with my partner who needed to do more than just babysit the code I wrote, it was an easy fix, but he couldn’t figure out how to do it himself. You may think after this big intro it had to do with the idea that code written by others are hard to make sense of, but no. He had commented out parts of my code that would have helped him check his work and instead of using it to verify the results he was getting he just blindly believed what the code was giving him.

Never do this. Dear reader, if you ever have to write code that does something for you, check it after every step to make sure it is doing what you want.

Long story short, we should be back on track. I was expecting a large amount of results this morning, but nope. I have nothing. So I emailed asking where my data was… an hour and a half ago. Still nothing. I am so tired of group work, this is killing me slowly. Luckily tomorrow it is over and I’m going to specifically request that if we need to do any further work to get this to publication that he not be a part of it.

In any case, I’ve got work to do and I’m going to finish it even if I have to drag my partner kicking and screaming the entire way. Reader, it looks like he’s going to be kicking and screaming the entire way. With that, time to get back to work. Tomorrow is the day and there is still much to finish.

But enough about us, what about you?

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