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Day 245: Fine, I’ll do it myself.

Thanos - I'll do it myself

I will not fail this class becuase of a shitty team member. I will not allow it, I’ve put too much effort and time into this class to do poorly at the last minute because my team member can’t be bothered to do the job he agreed to do. I suppose, this was… inevitable

Okay seriously this time. As you are aware if you’ve been following along I have a single class this semester. Just one, I don’t even really need it for my degree, I’m a PhD student with a Masters, so there was barely any class requirements that I had when I came into the program. However, I try to take a course a term to learn something new. I mean why else would you do a PhD if you didn’t want to learn new skills?

I’ve also been partnered with the team member from hell. It’s probably not as bad as I think it is, but this was a two person assignment and instead of helping, he has single handedly made more work for me than if I did this project solo. I really wish I would’ve done this project solo. I have been hesitant to do his portion of the work. We split the assignment very fairly I feel and I’ve still done most of it. Nevertheless, I try to get him to do his own share as best as I can.

That included the actual portion of our project that was new and interesting. He was going to do the programing for this last bit. I was going to do the writing, plotting, presenting, etc. It was a good setup, our dataset for this project is ~0.5 terabyte so transferring it back and forth didn’t make much sense and if he needed help coding we could meet and work on it together. I agreed to split it this way so he could focus solely on this little bit exclusively , hopefully do a really good job, and I would take care of the rest.

Well, he didn’t, as in he kept telling me he would do it and never bothered. So over the weekend I stepped in and did the project my damn self… and it works. My first output not only made sense, but improved on the previous prediction method! I didn’t want to do it all on my own, but he’s had months to do what I did in a weekend. So that is that, I’m washing my hands of whatever happens to him and focusing on getting this project done and this paper submitted for publishing. It’s a little early to call it a victory, I mean I threw this code together at lightning speed, but the output makes sense so I just need to run it a few more times with some of the other data and see what it spits out. Then I need to clean up the code and do some writing, but overall I’m happy to be close(ish) to the finish line now.

Fingers crossed!

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