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Day 244: The end of the term!?

end of term

Okay, where the hell did that come from?! It’s almost the end of the school term. WHAT THE HELL!? It feels like we just got started, but my instructor just sent out the final assignment, which is due the last week of school… next week. I’m sort of freaking out right now.

I knew we were getting close to the end of the term, but my previous school was on the quarter system, the end of the term for us was mid June! I’m sort of at a loss for words right now. I’m not even sure how we got here already. I feel like we’ve only just started the term and there is still so much I wanted to learn in this class! Ugh…

Okay now that I’m finished with my mini-panic attack, we have our class project due this week. Which means two things, one there will be yet another video narrated by yours truly! Second, I have a lot of work to get done between now and Friday. Tomorrow we have our in class presentations. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much further than we did with our last presentations, so I’m pretty sure we’re screwed. My team member has done almost zero work for this project and I’m about to snatch it and try to get it done myself.

I’ve been resistant to taking over the entire thing becuase first and foremost, we are supposed to be a team. But more importantly, I’m already doing more than my fair share and I really wanted the help. There is also a lot of guilt involved. If I do it all, chances are he isn’t going to pass the class, I’m not going to give him credit for work he didn’t do, I mean that isn’t fair to anyone and there is academic honesty policies that I need to maintain. At the end of the day it was either screw someone over because they were screwing me over, or hope the instructor sees that I did the best I could.

We’ve discussed it in the past, but I really wanted to finish this project when we were finished with the class. I mean I just don’t know what to do to be completely honest. I doubt there is even enough time for me to pick up the slack, I mean we need a kalman filter state-space model estimation using expectation maximization. If that sounds complicated, it’s because it is and my MATLAB programing skills are not quite up for the challenge with the limited amount of time we have left.

Well, we will see what happens, Friday is fast approaching and tomorrow is our final presentation on the project anyway so I doubt I would get it done in time. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see with me.


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