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Day 243: Deadlines approaching!


It seems like it’s been non-stop for me left and right. I have experiments to do, papers to write, and classes to work on. With the pandemic I was hoping to get a chance to take a break, but nope it seems like I’m even busier than normal. I HAD thought that I was caught up finally when I finished processing some of the experimental data I had laying around, but nope I was reminded yesterday that I had not one, but two major deadlines coming.

I’m juggling a lot right now. This class has kept me busy for basically the entire term. I’m really enjoying it don’t get me wrong (check out my super cool video from my class!!), but every time I get something done, something new pops up. Monday is my next due date for the class and I wasn’t even aware that it was coming. Fun times, but in any case let’s look at the coming week since it’s going to be a busy one.

Monday we’ve got our last presentation for the class on our big project, the one I’m in the process of writing a journal paper for. The fact that we are getting a journal paper out of this project is crazy, but hey why not? I mean if I’m doing the work, might as well. However, it looks like the end of the term is coming up faster than I realized, which brings up the next thing.

We have our “final” paper to turn in. It needs to be completely written and will hopefully (after some quick revision) be ready to send off for publication. My group member for this project has been awful, so I’m glad it’s coming to an end, but we don’t have any results yet, like at all. So it’s been stressful since I need time to write the report and to make the presentation. It’s going to be a sprint to the finish, if we hit it at all. I’m going to be working on the project afterwards to see it to the finish, but I mean… fuck it’s all sorts of screwed up. I hate working in group projects for this reason.

Of course, tuesday I have a meeting with my Co-PI at the hospital, that will be interesting. I’m not looking forward to seeing if I have access or not. I mean it’s a lose, lose. If I have access then I’ve got more work coming to me. If I don’t have access, then I’m going to be stuck doing a bunch of other things (among them, trying to get access). I don’t particularly like the idea of going out with the pandemic going on, but a guy’s gotta eat.

Now that I’ve given a small window into the next week, I should get some of that work done. Monday is coming up!

But enough about us, what about you?

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