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More data!

Old wooden treasure chest with strong glow from inside.

It was a surprise to me, but I somehow ended up with a new dataset from a single subject. One that, after processing, could be the key to convincing my Co-PI once and for all that we have something real… or it could just be one giant mess, but if we don’t look we may never know.

It wasn’t supposed to happen, I didn’t plan it, but my Co-PI has a more direct methodology when it comes to answering questions. Namely since we needed more data to show that my technique is valid and we just happen to be doing an experiment that would help us test it, we decided to collect the data right then and there.

Luckily our participant, one of my lab-mates, was a team player and let us go ahead and toss a few dozen extra sensors on him just because we decided at the last minute to do it. I think my enthusiasm to his suggestion helped too, but I was genuinely surprised at the offer to collect more data. I’ve been patiently waiting for over a year to get started on data collection for my project, so I’m easily excited when I get the green light like this.

Anyway long story short, I have a whole new dataset using a different set of equipment from my Co-PI’s lab and recorded using software I’m unfamiliar with, so he’s going to have to give me the rundown on how to use it to analyse the data, which he seems to do so quickly that I’m always surprised when I try to do it and nothing happens. Like literally, he will somehow make windows pop up, but I can’t even find them in the menu. It’s amazing.

Bottom line is that I have this new shiny dataset that could hold the key to everything and I can’t even play with it… * Sad face * it’s not fair! I have a meeting Friday bright and early to go over how to do the analysis in the software, but I’m hoping I can just export it and use MATLAB, since that’s my go to software for this type of work. It never hurts to learn a new software, but right now is definitely not an ideal time, not when I’m so close!


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