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Mind Control: Influencing Choice


Ever change your mind? Well now scientists can do it for you, at least that is the latest by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the University of Leuven in Belgium. By artificially stimulating a brain region believed to play a key role in learning, reward and motivation they were able to induce monkeys to change which of two images they would choose to look at.


Monkey Mind Control

Monkeying around...

Monkeying around…

What does a rhesus monkey and a the Blockbuster Hollywood film Avatar have in common?

They both use mind control to operate an ‘Avatar’.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital placed a neural implant on the ‘master’ monkey that could monitor up to 100 neurons, this allowed the ‘master’ money to control a second ‘avatar’ monkey.

To test this. they trained the ‘master’ monkey to use a joystick and find a target on the screen.