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Orange Corn Aims to Fight Vitamin A Deficiency

vitamin A blind

Corneal blindness often affects people at a young age, such as this twelve year old girl who is blind from vitamin A deficiency. She has had a penetrating corneal graft in her left eye; this has unfortunately failed. Image credit goes to: Lance Bellers

GMO food is still a hot button topic, honestly for no other reason than fear. Sure Monsanto is a big evil corporation, but the science is only as bad as what you do with it. In the modern fortified world we don’t think about vitamin deficiency or the horrible things that come with it, however vitamin A deficiency is a huge problem in developing countries. To combat this researchers have identified a set of genes that can be used to naturally boost the provitamin A content of corn kernels, a finding that could help combat vitamin A deficiency and macular degeneration in the elderly.