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Day 86: Or maybe not…

vicous cat

Even my cat doesn’t like the news.

Last post I had triumphantly declared that I had scheduled my QE date…. wellllllll maybe not. I had a last minute email from one of my committee members saying they had another obligation that day that they had forgotten about. So today let’s talk about why that is okay, even though it isn’t really.

We all have a life, I don’t suspect that being a professor precludes you from having other obligations. One of my committee members had to cancel after agreeing to the date, which is frustrating to say the least. It’s stressful trying to get ready for the day, more so when I have to juggle the day and try to fit it into my other obligations.

On my end, it isn’t a good outcome. I’m already juggling several different commitments, that won’t change once I lock in a date, but it’s helpful to have a day locked in so I can arrange the rest of my schedule and obligations around that. Now that the day is changing, I need to make sure that

  1. I make sure that I have time the day the my three committee members are available
  2. Make sure that I don’t double book something else on that date
  3. Give people plenty of time to actually attend it

among other majorly painful issues.

Basically while I am annoyed that I need to do some more juggling, I also appreciate that at the end of the day, these are three very busy people making time for me when they don’t absolutely have to do so.

This leaves me with the question about when I will be actually doing my qualifying exam. Well, right now I have a doodle poll going to determine when they will all be available, now we are looking to book a time/day in the middle of December. More time to prepare, which is nice, but I really just want to get this over with, so boo. I’ll update when I know more of course, but for now I need to hurry up and wait.

Until next time, don’t stop learning!

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