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Day 251: Deadline tomorrow


Well the apocalypse can’t stop the gears of education. Tomorrow is our final presentation for the class I am in, so there is work to be done and expectation maximization will come another day. For now let’s give a quick rundown of what I’m working on.

It finally happened, I forgot we had an assignment due tomorrow. It’s our last homework assignment and like the previous three, we have to come up with our own application for something we’ve learned in the class. Well let it be known that unlike last assignment I have a great idea for what I want to do and best of all, it’s stupid easy.

Yep, inspiration struck and I’m using something called change point detection to see if I can predict the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic before the WHO officially declared it a pandemic. Since I have a lovely dataset that I put together after digging across the internet for the stats, I already have all the information I need to use this method, so it’s sort of cheating, but not really. To be fair, the data should already be widely and easily accessible, but it isn’t.

As I already mentioned tomorrow we also have our final presentation. Luckily after snapping (for the ~2423411 time) at my group member, he’s finally actually doing something. Yes it’s still just babysitting code and passing it along to me, but it’s something and it means his computer can do that while my computer is doing the next step making it that much faster. Unfortunately it turns out he lied to me about how much he had done, so now I’m waiting for him to finish something he said he did a month and a half ago.

It’s going to be close, but even with that setback, I think we will actually get most (if not) all of it done for the presentation. Then I have to next sunday to finish the paper and create our explainer video (like my COVID-19 model creation video). That won’t be shared until after the paper gets accepted for publication though, so you may be waiting a while on that one. In any case, if I’m going to get everything done tomorrow that I need to do, I should get back to work!


But enough about us, what about you?

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