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Day 253: A race to the finish

finish line

Well still quite a bit of work to do and some of it was frustrating, but here we are. So let’s run through what I’ve got left to do before the end of the term (ALREADY?!) and talk about the next few posts since I have somewhat of a plan… for once.

I’m running on empty at the moment. My unhelpful partner is still very unhelpful. I really should’ve just tried to kick him off the project and do this solo. In any case, here we are and things are looking a bit, well let’s just say the deadline is right on top of me at this point.

Last night I got to enjoy dealing with late night shenanigans from my crappy partner who for whatever reason decided not to send me the data I asked for at 2 pm, then ignored my emails at 4 and 5 pm. Finally responded after I emailed him again at 8 pm saying that the data I wanted didn’t exist (spoiler, it did) and finally, FINALLY after walking him through in excruciating detail, with literal screenshots might I add, he agreed that the data existed and that he could send it to me. FINALLY.

This was about 8:30 pm at this point, so a whole day wasted, yet again, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say this happened at 9 pm. Okay, so you would think he would provide me with the data pretty quickly after that… right? WRONG! 9:30 pm came and went, 10 pm… still nothing. 10:30 pm he emails me with the data. But wait, there’s more. It’s only 1 of 5 parts that I need, would you believe it took another hour before he got me the rest? So here I am at 12 am trying to get this all done, which passing me the data should have been the easy part. I still had hours of work to do from that point so I could have my computer running overnight (looks over, yep still going…).

Basically I’m trying to get this done as fast as possible with a brick of a partner. I mentor undergrad students who are a million times more capable than he is and it’s frustrating the crap out of me still.

Okay thanks for letting me vent, let’s switch gears a little and look ahead. Tomorrow you’ll probably get a copy of my biweekly critical review paper. Hopefully I will actually have time to write it today since I have several different meetings over the next two days. The day after I think I will explain how I did my “design your own problem” portion of our homework, it was pretty cool and I like showing that sort of thing off. Sunday our assignment is due, which means between now and then I need to process all this data, write the rest of the paper, make a video (like my short COVID-19 model video, which if you haven’t watched it I recommend it, it came out really nicely I think), and a bunch of other things that aren’t quite as pressing as the class stuff feels.

All that to say, I’ve got a bunch of work to do so I should get to it!

But enough about us, what about you?

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