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Day 295: Back in the lab

whole brain and spinal cord dissected

“What do you mean, I look nervous!?”

Well it finally happened. We’re doing experiments again. It’s kind of scary to be honest to be working in a hospital again when the pandemic is going on and we have protests still happening. While I could do without the pandemic, I hope with all my heart that the protests don’t end until the corrupt system that caused them ends first.

So it’s a lot of emotions at the moment. I’ve got weird feelings about doing experiments during the pandemic, but also that we’re doing experiments while there is history going on. Not just history, something extremely important that needs to happen that I’m being taken away from supporting because I have to work.

On one hand getting back to work moves my PhD progress from a holding position to getting back on track and I’m thankful for that. On the other hand, it feels like a hollow victory with what’s happening right now. I’m not quite sure how I feel about all of it really, anxious more than anything I guess.

In case you didn’t know, I’m an anxious person in general. So between the pandemic and the escalation of police violence, my anxiety meter has been stuck on super high. Obviously I’m dealing with it in the best way possible, it’s just a lot.

In any case, it’s back to work for me like it or not. I’ve got my mask, some hand sanitizer, and I’m lucky to be only dealing with a handful of people. The unfortunate part is we can’t maintain a good social distance strategy so I’ll need to be careful with that, but overall I think I’m in a better position than most.

While I can’t do my part for the protesters today, I’ll be back at it tomorrow and I’ll do what I can in other ways today. To everyone else who’s stuck working or out doing their part to support the protests, good luck!


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