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Day 331: Solid modeling course day 1


The dual extruder attachment, the current bane of my existence!

Well can’t complain too much about the first course. I’m used to people talking to me so it was an odd feeling talking into a screen with no one talking back. I had a few questions, but mostly the course was on how to think about solid modeling, so maybe not a lot of room for questions?

Everyone had their video off, so I basically talked to a screen while I worked. I think it had me a little nervous to be honest. I flew through the material, I had 2 hours for the course, but I only wanted to use an hour and a half, so that was my plan. I finished in under an hour. Yeah I went a little quick.

Today we’re going to try to combat that and sloooooow things down. I’ve got a lot going on right now so maybe my anxiety about all that is bleeding into my course. Like what you may ask, well for starters my 3D printer exploded. Well, not quite exploded, one of the extruder parts broke in a glorious fashion over night so when I got up this morning my extruder head was flopping around being dragged by the carriage.

I’m in the process of printing the part that broke now. That’s the great thing about 3D printers, most of the parts that could break are 3D printed and you just need to print a replacement. Normally I would have printed spares, but I don’t have any, so I needed to pull out my backup extruder, it’s a dual extruder, which is currently giving me its own headaches because I need to calibrate it even though I only want to use one nozzle from it. So that’s how my morning was spent, but I’m close to getting back on track now… I think.

Then of course we have other mechanical failures in the home itself. One of my drains was clogged and it just happens to be the drain for the AC, well thankfully there is a backup drain which saved my home since I could’ve woken up to a nice drywall cave in. Plumber came out and it’s all nice and fixed, even though it cost me quite a bit more than I wanted to spend.

So yeah, a lot going on, but I’m going to try not to take it out on my class today by rushing through the material. We can do this!… right?


But enough about us, what about you?

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