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Behind schedule

Well it’s Thursday and by looking at my list of things I need to get done, I wish it was still Monday. There’s been a few setbacks the past couple of days. My data processing is going well, but not much else has been accomplished because of an incident that happened a few days ago. It’s not a fun time…

Concrete is porous. It’s a hard sponge basically, sort of like grout (always seal your grout people and regularly reseal it, if it molds you need to replace it). I mention this because a lot of houses are built on a giant concrete foundation we typically refer to as a slab. Yep, it’s a giant slab of concrete called a slab foundation. No points for originality there!

Well mine sprung a leak. It had been raining pretty hard and I know where it’s coming in from, but it was obvious when I found it that this was an ongoing issue and not a new one. Basically all the carpet in my closet had to get ripped out since it wasn’t drying fast enough. The trim had to come out around the area and so did part of the drywall.

It all looks dry now, but I still have some fans going on it to be safe. It’s not a good situation, but to be honest it could be worse. I’ll know for sure how bad it is once I get a quote for the repair, but I’m hoping it won’t cost too much to fix the leak, the inside stuff is another story altogether and that will be some work, but on the bright side I can do most of the repairs myself once I know the leak is fixed.

So yeah, the joys of homeownership. Things tend to break the second you need them NOT to break. In the big scheme of things, I’m glad I caught it before the frame of the wall rotted, which would’ve cost me far, far more to fix, but I’m still annoyed that there was a problem to start. I’m especially annoyed that I didn’t catch it sooner or before I bought the house to begin with.

Anyway, that’s the post. Lot’s of work to do, plus new work and a house that won’t let me do a damn thing. Now, time to get some of that work done…

Oh why the heck not, here’s a photo of my closet. The bedroom is on the other side of the wall on the left, which yep, water there too, so I’m going to have to get into that wall as well and make sure everything is okay there too.


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