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Meeting a potential postdoc

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Well today has been interesting to say the least. It wasn’t planned, but I went into the lab to meet my Co-PI and the new potential postdoc for the lab. I sort of rushed in last minute and the coordinator apologize, but I hadn’t planned anything that would’ve been hard to do in the lab anyway, so it wasn’t a big issue.

First impressions, interesting guy. I get the feeling he’s nervous and that makes sense, my Co-PI can be a little… intimidating, or more straight to the point than most people. Maybe it’s a Russian thing, but I actually like it, I know exactly where I stand with him and there isn’t a lot of ambiguity. I’ve noted a lot that I’m an anxious person, it’s helpful to know exactly what he thinks about things.

He’s quite, but he’s got a lot of experience that would benefit the work we’re doing so hopefully he doesn’t get scared away. It must be tough to travel to a new city, in the middle of a pandemic, and get grilled by people you’ve never met before with the hope of getting a job offer. I don’t look forward to it, then again my Co-PI has more than hinted that he wants me to stay on and do my postdoc with his lab, so I may not have that hard of a transition.

While I’ve still got some time before I have to worry about that, it’s nice to be part of this process so I can see what it looks like beforehand. It’s also nice that we will be getting some extra help, we’ve got more experiments going on then we do people so I’ve been doing double and triple duty to keep up with everything. I enjoy the work, but it is stressful.

Well that’s the update for the day. It’s been busy so not a lot of time to ruminate on the events of the day.


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