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Time to work

So this post is coming a lot later than I would normally do this, but it’s been a day (already) and it’s going to get busier. I’ve had one experiment, one class, and now I need to repair my computer so I can perform the analysis of the data I have to get done before Thursday. Fun times ahead!

Yesterday I had planned to fix my overly warm computer with a new part, the part showed up… today. So today I get to do the repair and hopefully stop my poor computer from limping along as I try to do the work I have to get done. The repair will take some time to do right, I have the wires hidden so now I need to fish everything out then route the new wires through, then it’s just a matter of screws and what not. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post some pictures of me taking everything apart since computers in parts are fun to look at (in my opinion).

There’s also the matter of my data analysis, I was up late last night and I managed to get all the preprocessing done for a single subject (which is all I needed for now), so I can move on to the analysis part. My PI assures me that I don’t need to have it all done for the deadline, I just need it all done prior to the meeting next month, which will give me several weeks to finish the rest of the subjects.

My Co-PI also has some projects going on that require my attention, such as the experiment we did today and tomorrow I’m going to be the test subject for a new spinal stimulation device, which will be interesting to say the least. That will take me away from the work I need to do for my main PI, but it’s important that I do as much as I can to keep them both happy. Since I’m the guinea pig for tomorrow’s test, I need to be there, but hopefully it will go quickly.

Basically I have three days or so to get all this work done and it’s going to be close, uncomfortably close. Especially if I want my PI to see any of the results prior to submitting it (hint that needs to happen) so I need to send it to him the day before at minimum. In short, lots of work and not a lot of time. So what am I doing!? I need to get back to it!! Hopefully I’ll have good news for tomorrow.


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