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The first major deadline

Well tomorrow is the deadline for several of the things I’m working on, including but not limited to things I still need to get done today! Fun times for sure (not really). As promised yesterday we’re pretty much just watching the super slow train wreck that is occurring. To be fair it’s either going to be an extremely close call or a complete disaster, but that’s just how these things go sometimes. Let’s dive into what’s due tomorrow and where I am exactly in the process.

If it weren’t for my surprise funding proposal, things would be looking slightly (only slightly) better than they do now. The last proposal I wrote took months, we started it in January and didn’t finish until the due date two months later if I recall correctly (here). That felt rushed, there was a sense of urgency start to finish and we edited the crap out of that paper. The worst part is that it will probably (most likely) be rejected, maybe even without reading much of it. That’s the deal sometimes. This proposal is for a different funding agency, but they asked for it to be in the R21 format, which was helpful since I just happen to have some experience doing that!

Well I powered through and wrote the proposal in three days. It was not fun, it probably isn’t all that good, but I did it. Since that time my main-PI has been sitting on it, either it’s good, he’s busy editing it, or he totally missed my emails (I sent two to make sure he got it). It’s probably the last one, but I’m hoping for either the first or possibly second option. I will probably get a late night email today asking me to make some changes or edit a few things. Which means of course I will be working to the last minute as always.

If it were that alone, it would be okay. Unfortunately, I also have homework due tomorrow for my statistics class. That should be pretty much done later today. I’ve finished most of it (like 90% of it), so that isn’t exactly what’s stressing me out at the moment. I won’t miss that deadline at least. As always… there’s more!

Another major thing that needs to happen is the conference paper one of the undergrads I mentor is due tomorrow. I told you deadlines clump. That is mostly finished and I’ve given feedback several times over the course of the past few days on formatting, table making, figure edits, the usual stuff we do. This will be my undergrads first major conference paper. She did a mini-paper a few months back and it got selected for a talk because she does good work. That was a pretty even split of work though for editing and writing, so more hands off. This time she’s been doing all the writing, edits, etc. so more of the standard expectation for this sort of thing.

It’s exciting for sure, but it’s also a bit stressful since I want to make sure that she has the best paper possible before submitting it. I’m probably putting too much stress on myself over it, but the thing is she’s worked really hard on this, even with the pandemic, and I want her to have a good experience here even though we set the expectations fairly low. The paper is narrow in scope, so it could get rejected by the conference, but we’ll see.

Then of course, there’s the other big things, the stuff due Wednesday. I’ve been slowly (incredibly slowly) chipping away at the work. There’s the third part to my statistics class project due and I’m no where near done with that. Then the talk I’m giving, I need to get some of the data processes in particular for it, but I haven’t had a chance to sit and write the code for that. The talk itself is due Friday, so out of all my deadlines that feels the least pressing, but the data processing and what not my main-PI wants Wednesday and he needs to review the talk before I send it off, I can’t just submit it without his prior approval.

Anyway that’s what’s going on. There’s a lot, but we’re getting close. I just need to power through and if I survive all my deadlines by Wednesday I’ll be in good shape. Now the real question, why am I writing this instead of doing the actual work….

(hint: it helps me destress)


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