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For the love of war

Aren’t there enough things trying to kill us? Between global warming, pollution, and the pandemic, I feel like something somewhere wants us gone. Then again, humans are stupid, I include myself in that statement. So here we are talking about something I wasn’t expecting to talk about and that my dear readers is combat.

I joined the Marines right before the Iraq war kicked off in earnest. It was about to happen, it was easy to see coming, but I joined anyway. Part of it was doing my patriotic duty to serve my country. While my family is awful and I hate them, there was a military tradition. My grandfather was Navy, my father army, and then I went off to the Marines. I’m pretty sure we have all the branches covered in my extended family, but that’s enough of that. The other reason I joined was because I had no idea what I wanted from life and it seemed like the right thing to do. I was told people were hurting and I could do something about it. I still like helping people, I’ve just found there are better ways. Maybe that’s why the military recruits in high school, you don’t know what you don’t know.

So I like to think I am uniquely qualified to discuss war. Not that there aren’t other service members out there, but most of the people who shout that they are all for war and combat, the ones who dress up like they are about to leave to a warzone when they are going to walmart. They are the same people who carry around more weapons than they have hands. Those are the people you hear the loudest because while they’ve never done it, combat just sounds manly. It’s frustrating how common that is, but there are the rare exceptions (maybe not so rare) of service members on that bandwagon too. So take my opinion as exactly that.

From my experience, the most vocal proponents of war are the ones who’ve never been and/or the ones who stand to make the most. If you’re calling for war, then please go ahead and fight it yourself, otherwise sit down. If dying for your country is so noble, then lead by example.

The problem is war is a huge money maker for basically everyone involved except for the people doing the fighting. Ironic really when you think about it because without the people fighting you wouldn’t have a war, but they get treated the worst. Please, ask me how I know. Like I said the other post about something totally different, there are no winners in war. Just people who lose a lot, and people who lose slightly less. That point can be exemplified by opening any history book, or hell google. No one wins in war, so it’s frustrating that we’re so quick to start them.

Russia is throwing its weight around, which isn’t super unexpected. I mean this isn’t the first time in the past decade or so something like this has happened, it just hasn’t happened on this scale before. Now you have someone who is, in not so many words, threatening nuclear retaliation for anyone who stops them. Mutually assured destruction was never a good policy and I’m pretty sure that one day we will find out how mutual that destruction can be. I could be wrong and I sincerely hope I’m wrong. In the history of stupid human ideas nuclear warfare was probably the stupidest, but hey we (hopefully) have plenty of time to find a worse way. I have faith in our ability to creatively kill each other, obviously.

Obviously I have a lot of strong emotions about all this and I feel like the point isn’t as coherent as I could make it if I were given enough time to collate my thoughts into something more cohesive. The point of the post is that I’m angry, I’m angry that we’re so stupid. We draw fake lines on a map to make ourselves feel important and better about our existence then we go and change those lines because we want others to suffer and we want to feel even more important. When in reality we have little or no control over anything in the world, but we’re forced by others into being controlled because, well that’s just how the system was designed. It’s a feature not a bug.

The problem is sustainability. Peace is not sustainable as long as there are people who want more than they have. It’s a capitalistic problem if I’ve ever heard one, but it’s true. People go to war because they want more than they have. The problem is we all die, king and popper alike, so none of it goes with you. It’s a farce, and one that causes a lot of pain and suffering, needless pain and suffering mind you.

So yeah I’m angry and my mental health has already been in the toilet, so not to make it about me, but the hell else is going to go wrong this week?

Let me try one more time.

War has been glamorized from the news to movies, it’s sexy and manly to go to war. Women will fuck you if you’re in a uniform and men will want to be you. I don’t mean to be so crass about it, but the fact of the matter is we’re force fed since birth that going to war is synonymous with manly men. Which of course is why rape and war crimes are so common in the military, the idea attracts the kind of people who would rape and murder for the hell of it.

Then you have corporations who directly profit from war and lobby for such. Oil is booming right now thanks to the war. We’re only a few days into it, but already the “invisible hand of the market” is giving us the finger. It’s not even the corporations you would expect, raytheon is a good example of a company that has made war a business, but it’s bigger than that. You have companies like amazon and walmart that profit from war, be it indirectly or not. So there’s a lot of pressure to go to war. In hindsight, it’s not hard to imagine that after 9/11 when the economy tanked we went to war solely to make sure investors didn’t lose more than they already had.

When you combine these things along with the aforementioned human desire to kill each other in the most creative ways possible — because the people in charge can’t handle living in an existence where they have no real power — we end up… here. Once again, at war and for what? No particular reason other than people being assholes and really that’s the only reason war exists in the first place.

While the US hasn’t stepped in yet, you bet your ass we will get in on that sweet, sweet war money. So I’m tired, I’m not sleeping, and I’m just frustrated. Because I honestly don’t give a fuck if I died, I don’t. I have no family, no one would miss me aside from my lovely internet friends (and real-life friends) who are exempt from this rant, and I would be dead, so what the fuck do I care? But the problem is you multiple that on the scale that war brings and you’re just creating suffering for no reason.

Humans already suffer enough from simply existing. I just wish we could stop being assholes for like five minutes and care about each other. Then we have Texas and other states here in the US pushing anti-trans laws because, yet again, people are assholes.

TL;DR people are assholes, stop being one of them. Oh and war is stupid, grow the fuck up.

3 responses

  1. I was worrying about you a little today. I figured what was happening might hit you hard.

    Russia-Ukraine has been on my radar since before Christmas, I think. I was more worried about it than COVID Omicron, though Omicron has killed so many people now that maybe that was bad risk assessment. But I didn’t talk about it, didn’t want to be gloomy. I was counting down the days until the spring mud made it impractical to move tanks. We had to make it, right … well, nope, here we are, Somebody couldn’t even wait until the end of the stinking pandemic.

    I work for Raytheon now; I feel I have to say that so nobody reading this thinks I’m less involved in the aura of warfare than I am. But no way did I want this.

    Come now, Alex, come now (said gently), don’t talk about yourself like you would be an acceptable casualty. You acknowledge that some people do care about you, but you act like that’s not enough? You are NOT insignificant, you are NOT worth less than people who have families, your existing relationships are NOT less meaningful, and the destruction of your potential WOULD be a loss to society. So the people who love you don’t share genes with you; who cares? I know you’re not insulting me or your other friends, so don’t feel bad. But I think you’re insulting yourself … and maybe not understanding how devastated I would be if you did die.

    I know, that wasn’t the point of the post, and you were probably just trying to say that your objections to war don’t stem from personal fear. But I couldn’t leave it alone. You matter more than you think you do. It would not be okay if you died. If you don’t care about yourself for yourself, then do it for me, all right? I hope I’m not overreacting, but I genuinely am fond of you and I know there’s a part of your brain that tells you lies and needs to be shouted down.

    Back to the actual issue … I know it hurts. You more than me, I’m sure, since you actually know what it’s like in a way that I don’t. The antidote for people killing each other is people caring for and sticking up for each other, and humans are also surprisingly good at that … sometimes. Since I’m not physically present, about all I can do for you in particular is coax you to take care of yourself. Back away from the news feeds if you need to. You won’t help people suffering anywhere by adding to your own suffering until it weakens you. Try to rest. Beat them all by salvaging something good from the mess.

    Liked by 1 person

    February 24, 2022 at 10:46 pm

    • I get it, I really do. Maybe I am not phrasing it the best way, but I was just suggesting that even someone like me with no biological family to mourn if I were to pass has people that care about me. So then imagine the loss when you multiply even people who are just me by hundreds and thousands. That’s a lot of sadness and suffering brought into the world over an artificial divide on a map.

      But thank you for reminding me that people care, including you, I care about you as well! It means a lot to me that you take the time to remind me, I should do a better job of reminding you as well.

      Since last night I’ve stepped away from the news a bit. It’s early so things are going to be fast, hectic, and generally wrong to a certain degree since everyone wants to report on something first. There’s nothing I can do anyway so maybe ignorance is self care for the moment.

      I hope you’re well.

      Liked by 1 person

      February 25, 2022 at 4:09 pm

      • I see. Yeah, a person’s death is rarely just about them; it has a horrible ripple effect. I really hope this gets cooled down somehow before it spreads further into Europe, I mean it’s terrible already.

        I’m doing well! Apart from being a little tired and discombobulated by everything. Thank you for the kind words, and take care.

        Liked by 1 person

        February 25, 2022 at 5:08 pm

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