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Day 105: Defense day #1

phd defense

This basically sums up today’s post…

Here we are another day another post. Today I will be spending the bulk of my time studying and getting my slides ready for the confrence I’ll be attending next week. That will be … fun? However today is also an important day for one of my fellow students, he’s defending his PhD.

Yep, today is defense day #1. Tomorrow one of the other lab members will also be defending. That will be an interesting day as I have my experiment first thing in the morning then his defence in the afternoon. It will be a long day basically.

Today’s defense should be an interesting one, he and I have worked closely over the past year and a few months that I’ve been here at the non-invasive brain machine interface lab. To me he always seems pretty put together, but he is furiously working away at his slides as we speak for his defense this afternoon.

It’s fun to watch people get to the end of their formal education like this, but as I’ve mentioned it’s also a little sad. He won’t be leaving for another month or so, but it still is the close of  a chapter for him. One that I’m anxious about as I’ve turned to him in the past for help with my own projects and now I’m not sure where to turn.

In any case today is going to be a good day, while he isn’t guaranteed a pass, he has had plenty of time to work with his committee and I doubt he will fail. He’s done some really cool work and he’s always been one of the more respected members of the lab, you know the one who has an interesting way of looking at a problem. At the end of the day, nothing is certain, but I’m willing to bet it will end well for him. With that, I have my own work to get done.

Until next time, don’t stop learning!

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