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Day 139: My cat cannot lay down right…


Huh, maybe it isn’t big enough for her to fit? No, she’s just a big weirdo, keep reading…

Well today is another day of painting the house. Like I mentioned this has been an ongoing project since I moved last year, let me just say painting takes longer than you think it will. In any case, with all the stress of possible war, I need a way to relax or at least something else to focus on. In that regard I thought I would share one of my fuzzy daughters.

Yesterday you saw a photo of Tali, who is a big weirdo and loves to lay in the bucket with her paws out like she’s flying. Well, my other cat is also a big weirdo, none of my cats know how to lay down in a way that looks remotely comfortable. Seriously, so I’ve got a lovely compilation of photos I’ve taken over the years of Spoon, who cannot seem to figure out what laying down should look like. At the top we have one of the more recent examples of what I’m talking about, but there are so many of them, let’s just look at a few.


Again with the leg…

So here she is laying in something much larger, again with the leg hanging off. She fits! She just doesn’t want to do it because she’s a big smelly weirdo.


Here she is again in the same spot, notice the wall color is different, this was taken almost a year from the photo above. She likes laying like this on pretty much everything.


Again with the leg, this time on the couch. At this point you may be thinking, maybe she just likes to have the back leg hanging off things… well I would argue she just doesn’t know how to lay down, case in point…


Just can’t figure how how to lay down…


This one is from my old house, same behavior. Again, it isn’t just the back leg!


Poor cat, just can’t figure it out, no matter what she’s laying on. Okay, with that, it’s time to get back to painting. Just remember, everyone should have a support system to help you manage your mental health. People are great, if you have family more power to you. If you are like me and don’t have family to support you, well there are always friends, but don’t underestimate the ability of pets to help fill that need. Just look at my weird girls!


But enough about us, what about you?

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