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Day 234: Learning… at a distance

distance learning

Believe it or not, I don’t mind the quarantine. I mean sure going out without the fear of catching the coronavirus is nice, but I’m not generally a social person. There is one thing that has taken some getting used to however, that would be the education portion of the quarantine. Distance learning isn’t particularly enjoyable for me and I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one.

Maybe it’s that I’m used to being in a classroom setting. Maybe it’s just the separation between a learning environment and a home environment. Maybe it’s just the stress of the coronavirus in general. Whatever it is, I don’t particularly enjoy learning from home. I like being in an immersive environment it just works better for me, which is why I don’t generally take online classes on topics I really want to learn (IE – some required university courses that are B.S. some of you know what I mean).

Unfortunately, I don’t get a choice in the matter so I’m doing my best to be low stress and learn as much as I can. That’s actually one reason why I made my new coronavirus model. It was an attempt to learn and just do my best in the course. That model was for an in class project (which is why there is a video, powerpoint slides, and a write up in existence right now), but it was inspired by my flu epidemic model that I created for a different assignment.

The rest of the class used this model for their project, but that wasn’t going to teach me anything. So I went slightly (read: extremely) overboard and created a whole new model from scratch. It’s just me trying to come to terms with learning from home. It also means I need to figure out my new schedule to balance my research requirements with my education requirements. Right now it was leaning heavy towards my education requirements. To put it in perspective, my original flu model was less than 50 lines of code, my new COVID-19 model was slightly over 600 lines of code.

It was literally over 100 hours of work in the course of two weeks and involved a lot of sleepless nights, but once I got midway though, it didn’t seem right to scrap it and use my old code. That also meant that I was ignoring my research… oops. All this to say that there are some adjustment pains, but I hope that I can figure all this out without screwing up too much.

Ironically, I have homework due for this class monday (it’s my only class), so I still have to focus on my education for at least the next few days before I can try to balance my research again. So wait, what am I even doing right now working on my blog… back to work I go!

But enough about us, what about you?

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