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Day 298: A slight delay


Well today I was planning on posting a quick tutorial for everyone who wanted to learn solid modeling. Have no fear! We’re still going to do it, but that will have to wait to tomorrow. I’ve got a lot going on at the moment and creating a good tutorial from scratch will take a bit of time. What am I doing now? Well, I’m glad you asked. 

Super quick rundown of everything that is happening today. First up I had an experiment this morning, thankfully it went (almost) smoothly. We had a brief issue, but it was resolved and we collected the data we needed! Yay!

If that was all I had going on today, I would be writing that tutorial right now for everyone. However, yesterday afternoon I had a meeting with some of my collaborators about a journal paper I’m writing. We concluded the meeting with the agreement that I would finish the paper today and we would send it off for review to the professors involved over the weekend. Basically I need to do a whole lot of paper editing and rewrites.

I’m currently running on about four hours of sleep at the moment, so it’s been a long day and it’s not even half way through yet. Today I need to make a bunch of plots, edit the paper, and get it ready for our review before we submit it to a journal. We’ve been working up to this for the past ~3 months so I’m excited that we’ve reached the submitting part of the process. Plus it removes something from my list of things I need to do, so I’m very excited about this prospect.

All that to say, tomorrow we will start the tutorials for solid modeling. For those of you excited to get started, if you haven’t yet, you’ll want to download the free solid modeling software sketchup. I hate to put off the tutorial, but unfortunately I have other responsibilities at the moment so something had to give.

In any case, off to work I goooooo!


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