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Yet more experiments?!

Sticky notes are the best.

Another long day for me. Back to back experiments (with a short break in between thankfully). It’s a lot, but I’m hopeful that after it’s all done things will slow down at least for a moment, hint they won’t. In any case, I just need to make it to tomorrow then I get a break for a few days.

Once we get this experiment off our plate we apparently have another collaborator that is getting antsy. He sent over a timeline for the project he wanted us to commit to using. He wanted us to start his project basically this week and we were thinking about starting it in November. Yep, everyone wants things done right now.

We’ll do our best for sure, but the main point is that as we get some projects done, more seem to roll in. I’m looking forward to starting new projects, but I’m also anxious to finish what we already have. Even after the data collection is over, I still have the data processing side of things. That could take days, it could take weeks, but more than likely it will take at least a month of work. Maybe more, my main-PI wants me to use some new (to me) techniques.

That just means I need to write the code, learn how the technique works, learn why it works, and learn how to use it, what to expect for an output, and how to tell when an output is incorrect. It’s a lot of trial and error, but it won’t be a bad thing to learn some of this stuff and step outside my comfort zone, it’s just not good timing. Then again, none of it seems to be good timing and the pandemic is slowing things down while making people anxious for us to get things finished.

Anyway that’s the post. Lot’s to look forward to doing and tomorrow is Friday so that will be nice. I have a few experiments to do tomorrow as well, but once those are done I can focus on other work for a change. There’s still so much to get done!!!


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