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Black and white photo of the Cincinnati Old Main Library taken 1874. There is a single person for scale and the library is massive in size with several levels seen in the single photo alone. Unfortunately the library was torn down in 1955.
The Cincinnati Old Main Library (taken 1874). Unfortunately the library was torn down in 1955, but I absolutely love library architecture. It feels like the closest thing we will ever have to magic.

Well sometimes the good news just keeps coming. I’m slightly suspicious since this never happens, so eventually something is going to come crashing down around me and everything will slowly fall apart. Until then I guess I can enjoy this bit of good news too. This isn’t academic related exactly, but it’s still something I’m excited about. I’ve got a book chapter that I wrote about my life coming soon and I’ve got some fun updates.

A while back I saw a call for disabled academics to tell their stories about there journey. On a lark, I wrote my pitch, sent it off, and basically forgot it ever happened. Little did I know that they liked my pitch and I was selected to be part of the book (more here). It’s been almost a year since I sent off the first draft and well over a year since I was first selected. Every once and awhile I drop little updates about my progress with my chapter (like this one)(or this one), but nothing major has happened because it’s a process.

Well, I’m happy to say that for the most part we’re done! Or rather my chapter for the book is done, I’m sure the editors are going to have their hands full getting it all ready for publication and for the artist to draw our portraits. Basically the book isn’t published yet, but my contribution to the work is finally ready to be included.

The story is going to be somewhat familiar to anyone who reads my blog regularly or anyone who’s read my mental health posts. Thankfully this version will be better written, more streamlined, and very focused. It’s funny to see how much the way I told the story has changed since the first draft and I have to admit it reads better than anything I could’ve written alone. I’m thankful for the chance to tell my story, but also for the chance to have my personal writing edited in a formal way.

I’m used to editing technical writing, which is like telling a story, but it’s very rigid. In the end technical writing is like polished stone, hard and dispassionate in a lot of ways, but also easy to follow and understand. It’s still a story, just one that is incredibly structured and formulaic. Personal writing is more like wood. Easier to shape, but quickly ruined if you lose focus on the work you’re doing. It can take many different shapes and is flexible, it can be both smooth and rough. It can be strong and fragile at the same time. In the end you’re still creating something, it’s just a different medium.

So while I will probably post once more when the book becomes available, yet another project comes to a close! I’ve been incredibly overwhelmed with all the stuff I’ve taken on over the past couple of years, but this was cathartic and I sincerely hope telling my story helps people. I mean that’s all I ever wanted, why I took on the project and why I have been blogging for the past couple of years about my journey. I’m a little anxious for a piece of me to be floating out there in the universe like that, outside of my control and carefully curated bit of the internet, but I guess it’s a little too late to worry about that now.

In any case, I’ve now completed one journal paper (here) and this book chapter. That’s two more things I’ve finished than last year. With the year winding down (wow, already!?) I hope to finish at least one more journal paper, but I feel pretty good about where I’m at… for the moment anyway.

Oh and because I don’t say it enough around here. Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me. The likes, comments, emails, and even just reading what I write has been a huge level of support for me. I’m thankful that I have the chance to interact with all of you, even if it’s somewhat one sided. Thank you.

But enough about us, what about you?

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