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State of the Art Bridge: A Failed Engineer Comic

Introducing the Failed Engineer…

Failed Bridge upright

It was about that time that the failed engineer decided to rethink the new lookout tower position.


Pregnancy and Antibacterial Soap a Potentially Dangerous Combination


My wife likes to sanitize everything with bleach. I don’t really approve, but I bite my tongue because it makes her feel better. Germs are everywhere and honestly there is no way to escape them because frankly…. they are you! In hospitals it makes sense to try to fight it, to be as sanitary as possible for the health of the patients. At home it makes a little less sense, there is no need, but that hasn’t stopped the rise of antibacterial soaps. In fact, it’s hard to find a soap that isn’t antibacterial these days, which has brought with it an interesting dilemma, along with potential health issues.