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Day 88: Experimental Headaches


EEG cap

I’ve talked about my impending deadlines a lot lately. I also mentioned that I had an experiment that I needed to do to meet a deadline, well it looks like we may or may not meet this goal. Let’s talk about the latest headaches.

It’s been busy. That should be no surprise, I barely have time to write. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t gone into more stochastic processes notes. One of the things I’ve been working on is my QE, now that I’ve got the green light. Even though the date isn’t set, I can  stop worrying about it so much and focus on my other responsibilities. Namely, I need to do this damned experiment!!!!!!!

I mentioned that we met with my PI and discussed changing the experiment. Well… we met with my Co-PI and completely changed it… again. This time it is a lot simpler, only 2 MRI scans (pre and post) and 3 test sessions, so that is handy. However, it also means that I am stuck coming up with a progress report on an experiment that we haven’t all agreed on!! Having Co-PI’s is handy because I get to learn from the engineering side and the medical side, my Co-PI works in a research hospital with patients and it’s awesome to see the dynamic between what we do in the lab vs. what he does in the clinical setting.

It’s a headache because that means I need to meet with two very busy people and come up with ways to make them both happy. It also means a lot of disagreements about how to move forward with a project and what progress looks like. Additionally, it means that I need to spend equal time in the academic lab setting and the applied clinical setting. That part isn’t so bad, but it means driving back and forth and trying to juggle my education responsibilities, my research responsibilities, and my clinical responsibilities.

In any case, I’m now re-re-re-re-re-re-re writing my experimental proposal (there are frankly a lot more re’s to add to that, but you get the idea). So it’s crunch time and I’m still scrambling. Now my Co-PI thinks we can pull it out, he’s ready to roll pretty much right away when he comes up with an experiment, my PI however, not so much. Once I finish rewriting this proposal we need to sit down with him, make sure we are all in agreement, then work out the logistics before we start the experiment.

The kicker, I HAVE TWO (TWO!!!) weeks to do this experiment, analyse the results, and create a nice little powerpoint to show the findings. It took me months to analyse my QE experimental data and while this may go faster, I doubt it will go THAT fast. Who knows, maybe I need to have more faith in myself or something, but my PI’s both think that I can do it, so that’s something I guess.

Until next time, don’t stop learning!

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