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Day 92: Missed meetings…


As you may be aware, I am planning an experiment! Cue upbeat music Unfortunately record scratch I’m nowhere near ready. It’s been a process for sure and we are (maybe?) back on track to get started soon. Today I had a meeting scheduled with my PI to discuss the details, but…

My PI is busy, that would be putting it mildly, I don’t know how he has all that energy and it’s exhausting just to watch. However, being busy means setting meeting times, then thoroughly missing them. In this case it was a final (or maybe semi-final) check into my experimental design to make sure we were all on the same page. Once he gives me his blessing, we are good to go and hopefully I can at least get one data set prior to the big meeting where I give an update on my experiment progress since our last meeting in June (I think it was June).

The point is, there has been stumble after stumble to getting this started and we are at a standstill until I can meet with him. With the holidays coming up, we really need to get this squared away. Worse, my powerpoint slides are due Dec 2nd so I need, NEED to get some data and start some initial processing of that data.

Now we play the waiting game and hopefully my PI will email us, apologize for missing the meeting (this is optional, but it wouldn’t hurt), and we can meet tomorrow. Why oh why is this so difficult!?! In any case, it’s going to be a busy few weeks. Frankly, I’m just counting down the days until I’m finished with all of these deadlines and I can relax for a minute. Maybe over winter break, maybe not, as with a lot of things that have been going on these past few weeks, only time will tell. I just wish I had more time before we hit those deadlines.

Until next time, don’t stop learning!

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