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Day 93: QE date is set… again!

5 tacks on a single date on a calendar

Exciting news!!!!! Well as you can tell from the title, my qualifying exam date is set. After some time emailing back and forth I finally just sent out a doodle poll to get everyone to vote on what time would work best for them. Last night, my last committee member added their availability to the poll and with that, I have a new time and date!

The next question might be when is it going to be? Excellent question! The new date is going to be December 17th in the afternoon. Yeah, that’s a bit of a ways off, but it gives me a chance to focus on some other things that I need to get done before then.

Assuming I don’t have another setback that pushes my QE date even further, I should be good. I’m excited to get this over with, I do wish I could’ve had an earlier date, but at least I have a date to count down to now.

Short post today, but an important update. Back to work I go…

Until next time, don’t stop learning!


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